Analyzer and Multiplexer

Analyzer Control Unit

LI-8100A Control Unit

The Analyzer Control Unit is the heart of the LI-8100A system. It houses the infrared gas analyzer, data logger, and pump. It supports wireless communication so you can control the system from a smart phone. Data logged to the Analyzer Control Unit are ready for processing in SoilFluxPro™ software.

  • 0-20,000 ppm CO2 measurement range
  • Four 0-5 volt auxiliary input channels
  • Four dedicated thermocouple channels
  • Support for CH2, N4O, CO2 isotopologues and other gas analyzers


LI-8150 Multiplexer

The Multiplexer enables you to collect a large sample size and characterize gas exchange for a site or from treatment and control groups. It connects up to 16 chambers—in any combination of opaque or clear chambers. You can also configure the multiplexer to measure respiration from samples enclosed in flasks or to measure a CO2 profile.

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