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Lecture Series for the LI-8100A
Automated Soil CO2 Flux System

This Powerpoint lecture series offers a detailed overview of the LI‑8100A System and how it addresses the critical considerations for accurate measurement of soil CO2 flux. Each topic (outline shown below) is a short downloadable video slideshow, with narration.

The lectures in this series were prepared by LI‑COR Principal Scientist Liukang Xu. Dr. Xu has been an integral member of the Science and Technology group responsible for developing the LI‑8100A System, is a co-inventor of the patented LI‑8100A chamber pressure vent, and has authored several related papers and posters.

Rick Garcia, LI‑COR Senior Applications Scientist, and Product Manager Rod Madsen present the lecture series, with contributions from Vice President of Science and Technology, Dayle McDermitt. Dr. Garcia played an integral role in the development of the first LI‑COR soil CO2 flux chamber (the 6000‑09 chamber) as well as the 6400‑09 soil chamber and the LI‑8100A System. He has published a number of papers on plant, leaf and soil gas exchange. Dr. McDermitt has published a number of papers on carbon balance and gas exchange measurements and has been an invited speaker at international soil CO2 conferences. He is a co-inventor on several patents related to gas measurement technologies.

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