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SoilFluxPro software is a powerful application that analyzes soil gas flux data from the LI-8100A. It also computes fluxes of trace gases, including N2O, CH4, CO2 isotopologues or others, using data imported from other analyzers.

With SoilFluxPro software you can easily view, graph, edit, and recompute soil gas flux data. You can create .kml files to map fluxes and atmospheric concentrations in the Google Earth™ mapping service.

  • Quickly recompute datasets to test different parameters
  • Evaluate large datasets for quality assurance
  • Import trace gas data from other gas analyzers to compute N2O, CH4, CO2 isotopologues or other gas fluxes
  • Compute statistics on datasets

SoilFluxPro is available for Windows® and Mac operating systems.

Download for Windows® Download for Mac®

View Individual Measurements

Graph and compare chamber fluxes

Recompute Selected Data
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LI-8100App for iOS

With the new LI-8100APP for iOS you can control the LI-8100A for long-term or survey measurements directly from your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod® Touch. You can perform any action that is available from the LI‑8100A Windows® Application Software. Uses Wi-Fi for local connection to any LI‑8100A with (embedded) software V4.0.0 or above and an installed wireless PCMCIA (PC) card.

Available on iTunes


LI-8100App for Android

The Android App allows you to control the LI-8100A for long-term or survey measurements of soil CO2 flux from your most Android devices. Uses Wi-Fi for local connection to any LI-8100A Analyzer Control Unit with a wireless access point device.

Available on Google Play

Click the following link to download Windows Interface Software, SoilFluxPro software, and instrument (embedded) software from LI-COR Technical Support.

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