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SoilFluxPro Software

SoilFluxPro Software

The Ultimate in Data Processing Simplicity

SoilFluxPro simplifies the management of large datasets and includes post-processing tools to fine-tune your soil gas flux results. It is exclusive to, and included with, all LI-COR soil gas flux systems.

Why Choose SoilFluxPro?

Fine-tune your soil gas flux results

Compute fluxes and perform quality assurance checks for both long-term and survey datasets. SoilFluxPro allows you to easily revise the parameters of large datasets, and built-in tools offer guidance for which parameters to revise. Then recalculate multiple datasets at a time. Use what you learn to optimize your measurements.

Keep the flexibility you started with

The Smart Chamber and LI-8250 Multiplexer both integrate analyzers of various gas species, including third-party analyzers. SoilFluxPro carries that integration through post-processing. Compute fluxes of trace gases and isotopologues using complex datasets imported from LI-COR and third-party analyzers.

Map your soil gas fluxes

Each measurement is tagged with GPS location data. SoilFluxPro uses that data to create a .kml file with concentrations and fluxes. You can then export that .kml file to the Google Earth™ mapping service to see a variety of visualizations.

SoilFluxPro Map Screenshot SoilFluxPro Screenshot

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