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CO2 Measurements

Survey System

The LI-8100A survey system enables you to quickly conduct measurements over a study site using either the 10 cm or 20 cm chamber. This system is ideal for assessing spatial variability of CO2 flux over a study site.

With the optional GPS accessory, you can embed GPS coordinates into your data set and map your data—to visualize results from survey or continuous measurements.

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Long-Term Systems

Multiplexed System

The multiplexed configuration measures gas exchange from soils, providing a large sample size so you can determine the flux rate with confidence.

Capable of running autonomously for months, the multiplexed system collects a continuous dataset from up to 16 chambers to characterize spatial and temporal variation in gas exchange over a research area.

The multiplexed system also supports external trace gas analyzers to measure fluxes of CH4, N2O, CO2 isotopologues, or other gases.

Single Chamber System

This system makes continuous automated measurements with a single chamber, making it ideal for measurements that are widely distributed, or for assessment of temporal CO2 flux.

By integrating the CH4/CO2/H2O Trace Gas Analyzer, you can expand your single chamber measurements to also include CH4 flux.

LI-8100A Soil Flux System

CH4 and CO2 Measurements

Survey System Coming Soon

Get fast survey measurements with the new Trace Gas Analyzer and Smart Chamber, for a truly portable, low power field solution for trace gas measurements. The Smart Chamber incorporates both CO2 and CH4 flux measurements to generate fully processed fluxes in the field.

Long-Term System Coming Soon

Characterize spatial and temporal variations in gas exchange over your research area by incorporating the Trace Gas Analyzer into the proven LI-8100A Multiplexed System for long-term CH4 and CO2 measurements. Capable of running autonomously for months to collect continuous datasets from up to 16 chambers.

Trace Gas Platform

Other Trace Gases

The LI-COR Soil Gas Flux Systems provide a variety of ways to measure trace gas fluxes. Regardless of which method you use, chambers can make all the difference between dependable, reproducible data and questionable results. LI-COR chambers feature patented technology that maintains ambient pressure in the chamber during a measurement. The chambers also minimize disturbance to the soil around the chamber and ensure that sample air is well mixed inside the chamber.

Integrate an External Trace Gas Analyzer with the Smart Chamber Coming Soon

Integrate a trace gas analyzer of your choice with the Smart Chamber, providing the durability and patented performance of LI-COR soil flux chambers to your measurements.

Integrate an External Trace Gas Analyzer with the LI-8100A System

Combine the proven LI-8100A chambers and an external trace gas analyzer to create datasets that are easy to process with SoilFluxPro™ Software. In this configuration, you can take advantage of the sophisticated LI-8100A chambers and advanced data processing capabilities of SoilFluxPro Software to compute fluxes of trace gas species. This arrangement can be used in both single-chamber and multiplexed configurations.

Contact us to learn more about soil gas flux measurements that combine the LI-8100A with trace gas analyzers such as the LGR Ultraportable Greenhouse Gas Analyzer, Picarro G2508, or other analyzers.

Trace Gas Sampling Kit

The trace gas sampling kit is a simple add-on to the LI-8100A System, Smart Chamber, or Trace Gas Analyzer. It can be used with single chamber or multiplexed configurations to collect subsamples from the gas sampling tubes. By analyzing the gas concentrations of the subsamples, you can compute the flux rate of trace gas species using linear or exponential regression analysis.

The sampling kit also allows you to take advantage of the sophisticated 8200-01S Smart Chamber to measure fluxes of N2O, CH4, or isotopic species, without the need to install a laboratory gas analyzer in a field setting. The new Smart Chamber is self-powered and can log ancillary time stamps, GPS coordinates and soil moisture/temperature data as you sample the gases in the field, for lab analysis later.

Chamber Control Kit: Build Your Own Trace Gas Flux System with LI-8100A Chambers

If you're technically inclined and wish to develop your own datalogger, system controller, and data processing software, the chamber control kit provides all the hardware you need to control the LI-8100A Long-term chambers (8100-104/104C) with a Campbell® Scientific datalogger or Arduino electronics platform, while an external gas analyzer measures gas concentrations.

This arrangement combines the careful design of LI-8100A chambers and the trace gas analyzer measurements to create a versatile system for soil gas flux measurements. The chamber control kit (part number 8100-401) includes soil temperature and humidity sensors to provide data on soil conditions. In this configuration, you'll have to program the controller, log the data, and process the datasets.

Trace Gas Intigration


Designed to minimize effects on the variables you want to measure, LI-COR Soil Gas Flux chambers are the result of close collaboration between scientists and engineers.

  • Equalize pressure in the chamber with atmospheric pressure—even in windy conditions
  • Chamber shape provides a well-mixed air sample
  • Constructed from durable components—for long-term outdoor deployment

Smart Chamber Coming Soon

The new Smart Chamber (8200-01S) can be fully configured independent of any gas analyzer. Its unique design allows for complete self-control of the gas flow to the analyzer and is capable of collecting and processing the final flux rate when used with LI-COR Trace Gas Analyzers. Expand your gas flux measurements with the same patented technology unique to LI-COR Soil Chambers.

Long-Term Chamber

The opaque long-term chamber (8100-104) is finished in durable, highly reflective white enamel. Rotating away from the soil collar, the motorized chamber allows for autonomous measurements in the field over long periods of time without causing disturbance to the soil surface.

Clear Long-Term Chamber

The clear chamber (8100-104C) is designed for long-term net carbon exchange measurements. It features a durable, clear chamber top so that plants are exposed to sunlight during measurements.

20-cm Survey Chamber

The 20-cm survey chamber (8100-103) features a durable white enamel finish. It is designed to be easily moved from one point to another, for surveying and mapping CO2 concentrations. A high sample area-to-perimeter ratio provides for a good representation of undisturbed soil.

10-cm Survey Chamber

The 10-cm survey chamber (8100-102) features a durable white enamel finish. It is designed to be easily moved from one point to another, for surveying and mapping CO2 concentrations. Ideal for sampling small areas between plants or other obstructions.

Soil Gas Flux Chambers

Mapping CO2 Concentrations

Powerful visualizations provide context for your data.

The mapping kit enables you to record GPS coordinates in your dataset, and quickly map the data in Google Earth™.

Survey Chamber Measurements

Map the soil gas flux data collected from portable survey chambers.

Continuous Measurements

Map concentration measurements while walking or driving.

Soil Gas Flux Mapping

Flask Measurements

The Soil Gas Flux Systems can easily convert into a flask sampling system that measures gas exchange from samples contained in flasks or other containers.

Profile Measurements

Profile systems can be set up for vertical or horizontal sampling, for measuring the CO2 profile near the earth’s surface.

  • Measure the profile at 16 points with one system
  • Ideal for evaluating the horizontal or vertical CO2 profile in a plant canopy

Net Carbon Exchange Measurements

Net carbon exchange (NCE) is defined as the Gross Primary Production (GPP) minus the ecosystem respiration (Reco). NCE is a key variable for understanding the carbon balance of an ecosystem. The 8100-104C Clear Chamber is designed to collect these data so you can determine the net carbon exchange between an ecosystem and the atmosphere.

The LI-8100-NCE Net Carbon Exchange package is designed for scientists interested in measuring net carbon exchange between an ecosystem and the atmosphere using the chamber method. NCE packages are available in both single-chamber and multiple-chamber configurations.

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