Barcode generator

The LI-600 computer software can generate custom barcodes for use with the LI-600 barcode scanner.

From the home screen of the LI-600 computer software, select Bar Code Generator.

Barcode generator screen

The barcode generator screen includes options for barcode format, importing and pasting text, and the barcodes text area.

Figure 4‑8. The barcode generator screen.

Barcodes Text: Type, paste, or import delimited text into this field. Each barcode is limited to 31 characters.

Format: Choose from CODE128 or QRCODE.

Code 128 QR Code

PASTE FROM CLIPBOARD: Paste delimited text that has been copied onto your computer's clipboard.

IMPORT FROM FILE: Select a delimited text file from your computer and import it to the Barcodes Text field.

CLEAR TEXT: Clear the contents of the Barcodes Text field.

GENERATE BARCODES: Generate barcodes from the text field and displays them in the bottom portion of the window. The length of the text determines the width of the barcode.

PRINT PREVIEW: View the barcodes with text as they will appear on a printed page.
REMOVE ALL: Clear the generated barcodes.

You can continue to add barcodes in either format until you're ready to print or save them as a PDF.

Once generated, barcodes can be edited or removed individually by using the icons in the upper right corner.

Figure 4‑9. An editable barcode.

Print preview screen

The Print Preview screen displays barcodes as they will appear on a page, with options for paper size and page template.

Figure 4‑10. The Print Preview screen.

Paper Size: U.S. Letter (8.5 x 11") or A4 (8.25 x 11.75")

Page Template: Blank page: plain paper; U.S. Letter: Avery 5163 labels 10 per page; A4: Avery L7992 labels 10 per page.

Print: Print or save as a PDF.

Done: Go back to the barcode generator screen.

When used with the LI-600 barcode scanner, the barcode text for each measurement appears in the USERDEF group in LI-600 data files (see Groups, labels and descriptions).