Tutorial Videos

Site Creation

Creating a site and importing EddyPro output files and SmartFlux summary files.

Part 1 - Importing EddyPro Files Part 2 - Importing SmartFlux Files

Creating a Timeline and Analysis

Viewing data coverage, gaps, and fingerprints.

QC Screening

Screening data in groups of related variables and by dependent variables.

Part 1 - Group View
Part 2 - Dependency View

Merging Data: Meteorological Gap Filling

Merging data to gap-fill meteorological variables.

Averaging Variables

Averaging redundant measurements into a single variable.

U* Threshold Detection

Finding the threshold where fluxes do not depend on the friction velocity.

Footprint Analysis

Setting up the footprint tool, exploring the results, and screening data.

Part 1 - Setup
Part 2 - Results
Part 3 - QC Screening
Part 4 - Allocation

Energy Balance Residual Correction

Evaluate methods to improve Energy Balance Closure by partitioning residual energy to sensible heat and latent energy.

Flux Gap Filling

Using the MDS (Marginal Distribution Sampling) gap filling tool.

Configurable Gap Filling

Fill gaps in methane fluxes and more using custom drivers and thresholds.

Flux Partitioning

Partition your Net Ecosystem Exchange (NEE) fluxes into Gross Primary Productivity (GPP) and Ecosystem Respiration (Reco).

Analysis History, Traceability, and Branching

Tracing the history of your work and branching an analysis.

Custom Coding in the Toolbox

Customizing Tovi with Python Code.

For a complete Tovi user manual, more tutorial videos, FAQs, and more, visit the LI-COR support site.



From EddyPro® to Tovi: Advanced Analysis of Flux Results.

Join Sr. Scientist Gerardo Fratini, a key developer for Tovi software and the EddyPro flux processing engine, as he discusses and demonstrates the powerful post-processing features of Tovi.

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