Nucleic Acid Gel Experiment Steps

The information below explains the purpose of each step in the Experiment workflow (called a "page") and provides instructions and tips for completing each page.


To help with record-keeping, give every Experiment a distinct name. The description field provides space for you to include important details about the Experiment.

Define lanes

The Define lanes page is used to find lanes on the image for subsequent analysis. To find lanes, you will draw a boundary that encloses all the lanes on the image.

By default, Auto mode automatically performs lane finding. Manual mode can be used if necessary.

Add lane details

Record important details about your samples.

Assign MW marker

Add a marker to size nucleic acid gel bands.

If no markers have be added for the Nucleic Acid Gel workflow, the Marker list will be empty. See below for instructions for adding markers and adding marker bands.

The Nucleic Acid Gel Marker list is empty when no markers have been added for nucleic acid gels.
This image shows how the list looks before a marker has been added for the Nucleic Acid Gel workflow.

Quantify bands

Click Find Bands or Add Band to quantify bands. Bands enclosed by boxes will be quantified.

Set up chart

Graph the Lane Amount (entered on the Add lane details page) against Lane and Band Signal on this page.

Select Include Total Lane Signal in chart to include the Lane Signal in the chart along with Band Signals.

Click Edit Chart Selection to choose which lanes and which bands to include in the chart.

Review and report

The Review and report page allows you to export a PDF report of the entire analysis, or you can export individual images and data tables.

The data in the report is organized into sections. Click to expand a section to view data and export options.


Click Done to mark this Experiment as complete and return to the Experiment List.