LI-COR Announces the LI-710 Evapotranspiration Sensor

LI-COR Announces the LI-710 Evapotranspiration Sensor

LI-COR Inc., a global leader in environmental measurement technology, announces the release of the LI-710 Evapotranspiration Sensor, a breakthrough in measuring actual ET.

April 18, 2023

Measuring evapotranspiration (ET)—the amount of water that moves from soil and plants into the atmosphere—is an important part of drought monitoring, water budgets, irrigation scheduling, watershed management, remote sensing verification, and more. However, direct measurements of ET haven’t been widely performed because of the cost and complexity of the methods.

With the LI-710 Evapotranspiration Sensor, LI-COR provides a simplified and cost-effective tool for the direct measurement of actual ET with accuracy that is comparable to traditional eddy covariance, which is the gold standard for collecting actual ET data. The LI-710 makes this critical measurement accessible and affordable to research, monitoring, regulatory, and commercial groups that need to accurately track water.

"We knew that there was a real need to find a way to make high quality, direct measurements of ET more accessible,” said Bill Miller, Senior Product Manager at LI-COR. “We made high quality data, ease of use, and low price our top three targets for this project and we kept our focus on designing a sensor that could deliver all three."

LI-COR expects to ship the LI-710 in June of this year. To learn more and request a quote, visit

LI-COR is an industry-leading environmental technology innovator of high-quality instrument systems for eddy covariance, plant physiology, soil gas flux, light, gas analysis, and greenhouse gas research. LI-COR instruments and systems are used by networks and researchers around the world.

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