LI-COR expands its presence in India with new distributor DTPLENVIRO Techsolutions Pvt. Ltd.

LI-COR expands its presence in India with new distributor DTPLENVIRO Techsolutions Pvt. Ltd.

LI-COR enters into a strategic partnership with the prominent pan-India distributor

New Delhi/Nebraska, 17 July 2023

LI-COR, a leading innovator in environmental measurement technology, is expanding its presence in India by partnering with DTPLENVIRO Techsolutions Pvt. Ltd., a prominent pan-India distributor, who will distribute LI-COR plant physiology, soil gas flux, ecosystem, and greenhouse gas monitoring solutions.

With DTPLENVIRO, LI-COR will provide complete sales, service, and support to its customers, offering instrument installation, maintenance, parts replacement, calibration, and training.

“India shines as a promising alternative in supply chains, innovation hubs, and joint venture,” said Dr. Conrad Fernandes, Vice President and General Manager of Asia-Pacific Operations at LI-COR. “Its growth in the last ten years has impressed global technology leaders who want to invest in India. LI-COR has been committed to the Indian market for more than four decades, and is investing on multiple fronts to bring new depth and energy to its success in India.”

LI-COR products have a reputation for durability and reliable data, which is reinforced by unmatched technical and scientific support provided by scientists with years of experience. India is a high-growth strategic market, and its increasing focus on agricultural, plant, soil, environment, and climate change research signals growth in demand for LI-COR instruments.

LI-COR's short-term goal in India is to meet the after-sales service and calibration requirements of its current customers. Long-term, LI-COR will provide integrated technology solutions that support India's research on plant science, agricultural, environmental, and climate change projects.

Fernandes notes that India is known for its academic research, and LI-COR aims to collaborate with researchers and policymakers.

LI-COR wants to develop products for the scientific community and create a knowledge hub in the field of atmosphere, water, and soil management. We are building new capabilities and technologies for emerging markets, yet, at the same time, we want to learn from the immense research capabilities of India researchers and apply them on the global level,” Fernandes added.

DTPLENVIRO was founded by Deepak Gupta, who has over 17 years of experience in environmental, hydrological, renewable, and agricultural business. DTPLENVIRO takes a solution-based approach to challenges, and LI-COR provides high-quality solutions and support for the environmental and agricultural research communities.

LI-COR Environmental is a leading technology innovator for plant physiology, ecosystem, soil, light, water, wind, and greenhouse gas monitoring research. The company's instruments and analysis software are used in more than one hundred countries, including the International Space Station. LI-COR employs around 400 people at its headquarters in Lincoln, NE, USA, and subsidiaries in Bad Homburg, Germany, and Cambridge, UK. More information is at

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