Software Downloads

Here you'll find software for the LAI-2200 and LAI-2200C, including embedded firmware for the instrument and interface software to analyze the data. When updating the instrument, be sure to update firmware on the console and optical sensors.

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LAI-2200C Console Firmware v2.0.3


Current version. LAI-2270 Plant Canopy Analyzer console instrument (embedded) software.

LAI-2200C Optical Sensor instrument (embedded) software v1.20


Current version. LAI-2250 Plant Canopy Analyzer optical sensor instrument (embedded) software.


FV2200 File Viewer Software for Windows


FV2200 is a Windows application for downloading, viewing, and manipulating data files from the LAI-2200 or LAI-2000.

FV2200 File Viewer Software for macOS 64-bit


LAI-2200C, LAI-2200, and LAI-2000 File Viewer Software for Mac 64. Version 2.1.1, released March, 2015.

FV2200 File Viewer Software for Mac OSX


Mac OS X file viewer application for downloading, viewing, and manipulating data files from the LAI-2200 or LAI-2000.

FV2200 File Viewer Software for Linux

Linux file viewer application for downloading, viewing, and manipulating data files from the LAI-2200 or LAI-2000.