Extension manifolds

The LI-8250 Multiplexer can connect one chamber on each of its eight ports, resulting in a maximum of eight chambers. The 8250-01 Extension Manifold increases the number of chambers you can have in your long-term system by enabling up to eight chambers to share a single multiplexer port.

Connecting an extension manifold

Part number:
8250-01, and 9982-056

Connecting an 8250-01 Extension Manifold to your LI-8250 Multiplexer takes just a few steps. The multiplexer provides power to the extension manifold and to any 8200-104/C Long-Term Chambers connected to the extension manifold.

The multiplexer and extension manifold use metal quick-connect fittings for air tubing. A male and female fitting comes factory-installed on both ends of the cable assembly (part number 9982-056).

First, connect the air tubing quick-connect fittings from the cable assembly to the multiplexer connection panel of the extension manifold. Then connect the power and communications (RS-422) connector to the port. The fitting for the power and communications connector is keyed. Be sure to align the key with the slot before tightening until snug. The connection will not fit if the key is not aligned.

Complete the connection by connecting the air tubing quick-connect fittings and the power and communications connector to the port of the chamber connection panel on the LI-8250. Ensure that all connections for an extension manifold are made to the same port number.

Determining extension manifold needs

Because an extension manifold occupies a port, each 8250-01 Extension Manifold effectively adds another seven chambers to your system. The multiplexer can support four extension manifolds, which allows you to grow your system to up to 36 chambers. Table 3‑1 details how many extension manifolds are needed for each range of chambers.

Table 3‑1. Maximum number of chambers based on number of 8250-01 Extension Manifolds in the system.
Extension Manifolds Chambers on Extension Manifold Ports Chambers on Remaining Multiplexer Ports Total Chambers
0 0 8 8
1 8 7 15
2 16 6 22
3 24 5 29
4 32 4 36