Connecting to the LI-8250 Multiplexer

You can connect to your LI-8250 Multiplexer using either the Wi-Fi network broadcast by the multiplexer or Ethernet.

Connecting over Wi-Fi

Your LI-8250 Multiplexer is capable of broadcasting its own Wi-Fi network and takes just a few steps to connect. These steps can be performed using a computer, tablet, or smart phone in the Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge web browsers.

1. Connect your computer or smart phone to the LI-8250 Wi-Fi network

On your computer or mobile device, follow your standard procedure for identifying Wi-Fi networks. The network name is the serial number of the LI-8250 Multiplexer (82m-nnnn). Your serial number can be found on the label inside the case of the multiplexer (see Figure 2‑4). Select the network and connect to it. Enter the password licorenv to complete the connection.

Figure 2‑4. The serial number can be found on the interior label of the multiplexer.

2. Enter the hostname or IP Address in the browser address bar

One of the following will work.

  • Hostname: Enter http://82m-nnnn.local, where 82m-nnnn is the hostname (and the serial number) of your LI-8250 Multiplexer.
  • Alternate Hostname: Some Android OS devices do not support multicast Domain Name Service (mDNS). You may need to enter the hostname in this format instead:
  • Fixed IP address: Enter

The LI-8250 Multiplexer user interface will load in your browser window.

Note: Broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal is not permitted in all locations. LI-COR, Inc. cannot be held liable for use of Wi-Fi/WLAN where it is prohibited. If WLAN is restricted in your area, and you are interested in other options for Wi-Fi, please contact LI-COR technical support.

Connecting over Ethernet

In some cases where Wi-Fi is not allowed, or if Wi-Fi has been disabled through the software, you will need to make a wired connection to interact with the LI-8250 Multiplexer. After completing this process, you can re-enable Wi-Fi or continue to use the wired connection.

  1. Connect your computer directly to the multiplexer using the Ethernet cable included with your instrument (part number 616-06116).
  2. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port or Ethernet port adapter of your computer and the other into one of the three available Ethernet ports on the LI-8250 Multiplexer. Alternatively, you can connect to the multiplexer if it is on the same local area network (LAN) as your computer.
  3. Enter your serial number into the address bar of an internet browser using the following: http://82m-nnnn.local
  4. where 82m-nnnn is the serial number of your multiplexer. If you do not know your serial number, see Figure 2‑4. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge are the recommended browsers to connect to the multiplexer.

If the URL and serial number have been entered correctly, the LI-8250 user interface will load in your browser window.