Application Information

To apply, first review the LI-COR Environmental Education Fund (LEEF) program rules and guidelines. Then follow the steps below that are relevant to the package(s) of your choice.

LEEF program rules and guidelines

  • Entries are limited to primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs) in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.
  • Instruments must be used in conjunction with an undergraduate curriculum.
  • LEEF awards are at the sole discretion of LI-COR, Inc.
  • Awards are non-transferable. Awards must be used to purchase a LEEF Eddy Covariance, Plant Physiology, Gas Analysis, Soil Flux, or Light Measurement Package from LI-COR Biosciences. The LI-COR contribution will be applied as a credit directly to the purchase order.
  • Costs of operation including, but not limited to, consumables and additional training beyond what is included with the LEEF Packages are the responsibility of the award recipient.
  • Award recipients agree, if requested by LI-COR, to write a follow-up report within 18 months describing the instrument use and the benefits it offers their educational program. LI-COR reserves the right to use the name of the institution, name of faculty members, quotes from the application, and quotes from follow-up reports in press releases and promotions of the LEEF Program.

How to apply

1. Gain the support of your department and institution

The following letters can be used to introduce LEEF to your department and/or institution. Modify a letter to fit your needs, then submit it to the appropriate personnel.

2. Apply for the LEEF grant

Complete the online application. LI-COR reviews applications on a continuing basis and will notify you within two to three weeks.

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3. Pursue the remaining funds

To cover the remaining cost, PUIs can use National Science Foundation (NSF) grants, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) grants, trust fund or regional grants, department funds, start-up funds, president's discretionary funds, institution funds, funds from alumni associations or community groups, and other sources.

See the additional funding page for help in finding and applying for funds.

4. Attend training

Training is included for the following packages: LEEF Plant Physiology Packages, LEEF Eddy Covariance Package, and Soil Flux Packages (online training).

LEEF Plant Physiology LI-6800 Packages Training

A LEEF-exclusive 5-day training course includes instrument use, measurements, data analysis, classroom use, troubleshooting, and chamber and accessory use for the LI-6800 Portable Photosynthesis System. Offered every year in June. 2- and 3-day training courses offer a condensed version of the 5-day training course.

LEEF Plant Physiology LI-600 Packages Training

A two-hour virtual training course includes basic instrument and software functionality for the LI-600 Porometer/Fluorometer.

Eddy Covariance Package

A 3-day training course includes instrument use, theory, data processing, maintenance, and related topics. Offered several times throughout the year in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Soil Flux Packages

Online training throughout the year includes the opportunity to ask questions and interact with our scientists.

5. On-site installation

(LEEF Eddy Covariance Package only)

During a 2-day visit, LI-COR staff assist with installing the eddy covariance system. You will receive guidance on proper configuration and integration of system components. Staff will also assist with initial processing and analysis of data. With on-site installation, your system is ready for classroom use immediately.