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Understanding eddy covariance is vital to achieving insight into how the environment functions. The role of landscape- and ecosystem-level gas exchange is important for many fields of research—such as meteorology, climatology, agriculture, and ecology.

Through the LEEF program, faculty members can acquire the LEEF Eddy Covariance Package. The LEEF program also provides a grant that partially covers the cost of the package for any eligible institution.

What's included

The LEEF Eddy Covariance Package helps students understand how various factors affect the movement of CO2 and H2O into and out of an ecosystem. It enables them to see fully processed fluxes of sensible and latent heat, evapotranspiration, CO2 and H2O in real time.

EC LEEF Package Contents

LEEF Eddy Covariance Package

The LEEF Eddy Covariance Package helps students learn how to use a CO2/H2O gas analyzer and sonic anemometer to measure landscape-level gas exchange. The package can be expanded with an optional solar power supply and additional biological and meteorological sensors.

LI-7900EF EddyFlux System

  • LI-7500DS Open Path CO2/H2O Analyzer
  • The SmartFlux® System
  • Gill WindMaster™ Ultrasonic Anemometer


  • EddyPro® Software
  • 1-year license to FluxSuite® monitoring and data management software


  • Cellular Gateway
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Tripod
  • Power Distribution Accessories
  • 5 copies of Eddy Covariance Method by George Burba


  • 2-year Extended Warranty for Standard Parts Only (LI-7500DS only)

Solar Power Package (Optional)

  • Solar power package designed power the system at remote sites. Additional costs vary per site

Biomet Sensor Package (Optional)

  • Biomet systems with a choice of sensor packages

Site analysis and design

  • LI-COR experts will work with you to examine potential eddy covariance sites and help you to identify locations for towers

On-site installation

  • 2-day visit with assistance from LI-COR staff on installation, integration and configuration of the system as well as initial processing and analysis of the data


Five certificates for the 3-day LEEF Eddy Covariance Training Course at LI-COR (Lincoln, Nebraska). Includes information on the following:

  • Design an eddy covariance experiment
  • Set up a flux tower with hands-on installation
  • Install instruments using commonly accepted best practices
  • Maintain, calibrate, and troubleshoot instrumentation
  • Process raw data sets
  • Apply appropriate corrections for site-specific parameters
  • Assess data quality
  • One Free Factory Recalibration: for use during the warranty period

The LEEF Eddy Covariance Packages include the LI-7500DS Open Path CO2/H2O Analyzer. Designed for high-speed carbon dioxide and water vapor measurements, this analyzer works well for students conducting research using field deployments and for faculty wanting to bring real-time ecosystem level data into the classroom. Designed for a demanding spectrum of environments, the LI-7500DS Open Path CO2/H2O Analyzer is ideally suited for anywhere that student research takes them.

Students can better understand their eddy covariance data using EddyPro software and FluxSuite. EddyPro software can compute fully processed fluxes of water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, other trace gases, and energy. View real-time final fluxes that are processed by EddyPro software with FluxSuite software.

Research applications

Expand your curriculum with the LEEF Eddy Covariance Package. This complete eddy covariance system is a vital teaching aid for faculty when discussing ecosystem functioning and global climate change.

The Eddy Covariance Packages can demonstrate a variety of research applications. With the modem and SmartFlux System, students in the classroom can remotely view fully processed fluxes of sensible heat, latent heat, evapotranspiration, CO2, and H2O in real time. Faculty curricula can also include instrument installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, processing raw data sets, and the theory behind eddy covariance measurements.

Other applications for the Eddy Covariance Package include the following:

  • Ecology/carbon cycle
  • Climate change
  • Agriculture
  • Hydrological cycle/evapotranspiration
  • Oceanography
  • Urban studies on the effect of vegetative cover
  • Carbon capture and sequestration
  • Remote sensing validation

Use the LEEF Eddy Covariance Package to benefit your students and their research and educational needs. Apply now.

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