Record and view leaf details

During field use, data files are generated and stored in the console of the LI-3000C. For each leaf area measurement, the LI-3000C records values of leaf area, length, average width and maximum width. Each of these values can be seen on the instrument display. Accumulated leaf area can also be stored to be used for whole plant leaf area or whole canopy calculation.

Data files stored in the console memory include a file number, a remark entered by the user (i.e. corn field west), date and time and an alphanumeric remark to identify data (i.e. leaf #, plot # etc).

Files can be viewed on the display or output to a computer via the RS-232 or USB ports (cables included) using the new interface software. Provided with the LI-3000C, the software collects data files transferred from the LI-3000C console. LI-3000C data files can be saved separately or combined into one larger data file.

Realtime Capture Mode

The LI-3000C software also facilitates the use of a PC to monitor and record data generated by the Area Meter. This is most commonly done when the LI-3000C is connected to the LI-3050C Transparent Belt Conveyor Accessory. When the LI-3000C is used in Realtime Capture Mode, the software provides the following features:

  • Displays area, length, average width, and maximum width values
  • Area counter can be reset at the computer
  • Readings can be stored in a log file at the user's command. Elements of the log file include: individual area, maximum width, average width, length, and a running subtotal for area. As an option, the user can also enter remarks for each logged area value. The resulting data file can be opened by a text editor or spreadsheet program.
  • Supports serial and USB connections

Click the link for Windows® Interface Software, instrument (embedded) software, and USB drivers.

Software Downloads
LI-3000C software LI-3000C software


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