LI-3100C Area Meter

The LI-3100C Leaf Area Meter has been discontinued. If you own an LI-3100C, you can get support here.


Make the most of your time

The LI-3100C is a rugged bench-top instrument designed to quickly digitize the area, length, and width of leaves.

It features two transparent conveyer belts that rotate to move leaves across a scanning bed. This instrument is ideal for rapidly measuring large quantities of harvested leaves.

The LI-3100C records the area of individual leaves and quickly computes cumulative area for a group of leaves, making it easy to compare treatments or experimental groups.

the LI-3100C in action

Why choose the LI-3100C?

The LI-3100C can save you time by rapidly measuring hundreds of leaves per minute. This is a much faster rate than flatbed or hand-held scanners.

  • Adjustable resolution of 0.1 mm2 or 1 mm2
  • Measurements of individual and cumulative area, maximum width, average width, and length for individual leaves
  • Ideal for uniform leaves, irregularly shaped leaves, and leaves with insect damage
  • Measure nearly any leaf with widths from 1 cm to 25 cm
  • Quiet belt system with adjustable press rollers to flatten curled leaves or measure thick leaves, up to 2.5 mm

Simple to use

Rugged, durable, and easy to maintain, the LI-3100C is ready to work when you are.

Simply place a leaf on the lower transparent belt, and it is automatically conveyed across the scanning bed. A press roller flattens any curled edges and feeds the leaves properly between the transparent belts before they enter the scanner, ensuring the full area is represented in each measurement. Leaves are ejected from the scanning bed after they are measured.

You can log and evaluate the data on a computer with the included Windows® Interface software.

  • Low maintenance and easy operation
  • USB connection to transfer data files and to record measurements directly to a computer
  • PC software enables you to quickly evaluate and summarize measurements

Start using the LI-3100C in your research

A rugged bench-top instrument designed for efficient, exacting measurements of both large and small objects in large quantities.

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