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Log PAR Data and Calculate Daily Light Integral with the LI-1500 DLI Package

Expand your light measurement capabilities with data logging, long-term measurements, and automated calculation of daily light integral.

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LI-1500 menu icon

Intuitive, menu-driven interface

The menu-driven interface is easy to use. Attach your LI-COR light sensor(s) to the three BNC connectors. Log manually or use menus to set up one-time, daily, or continual measurement routines. Sampling rates and logging intervals are user-selectable.

LI-1500 fast measurements icon

Fast measurements (up to 500 Hz)

Use the LI-1500 with one sensor to sample and log measurements up to 500 Hz — fast enough to measure the flicker rate of fluorescent, iridescent, incandescent, and LED light bulbs. Graph these large data sets on your computer using LI-COR’s FV7x00 software, available for free download. Also view real-time light measurements, GPS data, and other variables on the eight-line display screen.

LI-1500 GPS icon

Global Positioning System (GPS) optional

The LI-1500 features an optional global positioning system (GPS) for recording the location of measurements. The GPS facilitates repeated visits to the same location for tracking light levels over time. GPS data can be logged independently or with light data.

LI-1500 large memory icon

Large memory (1 GB)

With one gigabyte of flash memory, the LI-1500 stores a large amount of logged data on an internal SD card.

Store configurations and sensor-specific calibration coefficient information for later use. Download your sensor’s calibration certificate from the LI-COR web site. Enter the calibration coefficient (multiplier) and date of last calibration just once.

When attached to a computer, the LI-1500 acts as a mass-storage device with a simple drag-and-drop file system. Logged data can be transferred to a computer with the included USB cable. Data are formatted for easy import into widely used spreadsheet and database software. Configurations and sensor calibration data can also be transferred to a computer and then shared with other LI-1500 units.

LI-1500 weather-resistant icon

Weather-resistant, handheld operation

The LI-1500 features a rugged housing and compact design suitable for handheld outdoor use. A rubber seal between the two halves also serves as a shock cushion. The LI-1500 is powered by four AA batteries providing over 80 hours of operation with typical usage, or 40 hours with the GPS option turned on. Power can also be supplied from an AC wall outlet with the provided USB adapter.

LI-1500 connection icon

Connects to LI-COR terrestrial and underwater light sensors

Use the LI-1500 with LI-COR sensors to log photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), global solar radiation, and light (the visible spectrum). Connect up to three sensors at the same time. For instance, use two PAR sensors to measure incident radiation above and below a plant canopy. You can also measure PAR along transects under a plant canopy.

The LI-1500 features a built-in math function for measuring vertical attenuation using two underwater PAR sensors. The three input ports also allow for the measurement of incident PAR above water while measuring simultaneous upwelling and downwelling PAR below water.


  • Current Inputs: 3 BNC connectors (used to connect LI-COR sensors)
  • Output Channels:
    • Light
    • Math Channels: 8 math channels (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, natural logarithm, integration, daily integration, attenuation)
    • GPS (optional)
    • Prompt
    • Battery Voltage
  • Input Channel Specifications:
    • Frequency Rejection: >70dB at 50 or 60 Hz (1 input channel @ sampling rates of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20Hz)
    • Current Accuracy: ±0.3% of full scale reading @25°C
    • Signal Ranges:
      • Range # Current Range Resolution (Typical)
        1 0 – 0.250 µA (micro-amps) 0.0305 nA (nano-amps)
        2 0 – 2.50 µA (micro-amps) 0.1525 nA (nano-amps)
        3 0 - 25 µA (micro-amps) 1.525 nA (nano-amps)
        4 0 - 250 µA (micro-amps) 15.25 nA (nano-amps)
    • Raw Mode (1 – 500 Hz): Selectable Range
    • Standard Modes (Continual, Manual, Daily, One Time):
      • Auto range for total sampling rate ≤ 3 Hz (ex. 1 Hz sampling on 3 input channels)
      • Fixed range (selectable) for total sampling rates > 3 Hz (e.g. 2 Hz sampling on 2 input channels)
  • Sampling Rates:
    • Standard Modes: 0.01 Hz, 0.1 Hz, 1 Hz, 2 Hz, 5 Hz, 10 Hz, 20 Hz
    • Raw Mode: 1 – 500 Hz (1 Hz through 500 Hz in whole number increments)
  • Logging Rates:
    • Standard Modes Sampling: Every Sample, 100 msec, 200 msec, 500 msec, 1 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec, 100 sec, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hr, 2 hr, 3 hr, 6 hr, 12 hr, 24 hr
    • Raw Mode Sampling: Every sample (1 - 500 Hz)
  • Averaging:
    • Raw Mode Sampling: No averaging
    • Standard Modes: depends on sampling rate (see table below)
      SMP\AVG 100 msec 200 msec 500 msec 1 sec 5 sec 10 sec 15 sec 30 sec 60 sec 100 sec 5 min 15 min 30 min 1 hr 2 hr 3 hr 6 hr 12 hr 24 hr
      0.01 Hz X X X X X X X X X
      0.1 Hz X X X X X X X X X X
      1 Hz X X X X X X X X
      2 Hz X X X X X X X X
      5 Hz X X X X X X X X
      10 Hz X X X X X X X X X
      20 Hz X X X X X X X X X
  • Display: 128 × 64 graphics display
  • Real-Time Clock:
    • Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Seconds
    • Accuracy of ±3 minutes per month
  • Data Storage Capacity: 1 GB (FAT16 file system)
  • Communications: USB (as mass storage device)
  • Global Positioning System (Option) — GPS RADIONOVA® RF Antenna Module:
    • Horizontal position accuracy: 2.5 m CEP (50% Circular Error Probability, Open-Sky, 24hr Static, good view of the sky).
    • Maximum position update rate: 1 Hz.
    • GPS receiver sensitivity, autonomous acquisition: -148dBm.
    • WAAS enabled receiver
    • Time to first fix (TTFF), hot start: 1 second.
    • TTFF, warm start: 6 seconds (typical).
    • TTFF, cold start (with good view of the sky): 37 seconds at 90% probability.
  • Power Supply Options:
    • 4 “AA” size batteries
    • USB, AC-DC power adapter
    • USB, external battery power pack (customer supplied)
  • Battery Life:
    • 80 hours life (typical usage of 1 Hz sampling rate and logging rate)
    • 40 hours life (typical usage with GPS option on)
  • Environmental Conditions:
    • Operating Temperature Range: -20 to 50°C
    • Humidity Range: 0 to 95% RH (non-condensing conditions)
    • Storage Temperature Range: -40 to 65°C
  • Size: 20.9 × 9.8 × 3.5 cm (8.2" × 3.9" × 1.4")
  • Weight: 0.454 kg (1.0 lb) with batteries

The LI-1500 connects up to three light sensors with BNC terminals. Package includes four AA batteries, USB cable, AC power supply adapter, carabiner clip, carrying case, Windows® file viewer software, and instruction manual. Sensors sold separately.

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LI-1500G Light Sensor Logger with GPS

GPS-enabled LI-1500. Carrying case has space for two terrestrial sensors and cables.

LI-1500 Light Sensor Logger

LI-1500 without GPS. Carrying case has space for two terrestrial sensors and cables.

LI-1500G-UW Light Sensor Logger with GPS — underwater package

GPS-enabled LI-1500. Includes underwater lowering frame and carrying case for underwater light sensors, lowering frame, and cables.

LI-1500-UW Light Sensor Logger — Underwater Package

LI-1500 without GPS. Includes underwater lowering frame and carrying case for underwater light sensors, lowering frame, and cables.

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