8250-01 Extension Manifold

Powered by the LI-8250 Multiplexer, each Extension Manifold allows multiple chambers or flasks to share a single LI-8250 port—extending the maximum number of chambers from 8 to 36.

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Redefine field research with a long-term soil gas flux research site that includes dozens of chambers distributed over a 2800 square meter footprint—more than 1/4 of a hectare. Additional data points and increased flexibility in site selection let you ask new research questions and have more confidence in the answers.

An Extension Manifold occupies just one port on your LI-8250 Multiplexer but connects to up to 8 chambers at once. A long-term soil gas flux system with 4 Extension Manifolds enables you to collect data from up to 36 separate chambers in various conditions, including treatments and controls.


Reaching 36 Chambers

The LI-8250 Multiplexer has 8 ports. Each multiplexer port can connect to either a chamber or an 8250-01 Extension Manifold. You can have a maximum of 4 extension manifolds connected to the LI-8250 Multiplexer.

Each extension manifold also has 8 ports that can connect to chambers. Since the extension manifold uses 1 multiplexer port, each extension manifold gains you up to 7 more chambers.

With 4 extension manifolds, you can have 32 chambers on extension manifold ports and another 4 chambers on the remaining multiplexer ports.

32 chamber soil gas flux system featuring LI-8250 Multiplexer and 8250-01 Extension Manifold

The maximum number of chambers based on the number of 8250-01 Extension Manifolds in the system

8250-01 Extension Manifolds Chambers on 8250-01 Ports Chambers on Remaining LI-8250 Ports Total Chambers
0 0 8 8
1 8 7 15
2 16 6 22
3 24 5 29
4 32 4 36

Interested in measuring trace gas evolution in flasks? The 8250-660 Flask Sampling Kit enables you to use your long-term system for flask measurements too.

8250-01 Extension Manifold Specifications


  • Dimensions: 38.5 cm L × 52 cm W × 18.5 cm H
  • Weight: 7.4 kg
  • Weatherproof Rating: Tested to IEC IP55 standard
  • Operating Range:
    • Temperature: –20 to 45 °C
    • Humidity: 0 to 95% RH, non-condensing
  • Plumbing:
    • Flow rate to/from chambers: ~2 to 3 lpm
    • Pump type: Diaphragm


  • Two LED Indicators: Power, Ready
  • Input Port Connector: Full duplex RS-422 communication, 115,200 baud, plus 24 VDC power.
  • Output Port Connector: Full duplex RS-422 communication, 115,200 baud, plus 24 VDC power. Each output port is current-limited to ~1.1 A. Combined steady state power consumption for all chambers should not exceed 1 A.


  • Power Requirements: Input voltage range is supplied by LI-8250 Multiplexer. Typical 24V and 1.8A max. See Table 1 for 8250-01 power requirements.
  • Alternate Power Input: 21.9 to 26.5 VDC 80 W

Table 1. Total system power requirements.

Typical Power Consumption (W)
Instrument Idle Sampling/ Moving Max/ Warm-up
8250-01 0.8 9.2 11.0
8200-104/C (each) 0.36 4.8 N/A

Note: The max listed for the 8250-01 is a typical maximum, there is no additional warm-up power. Chamber power reaches 4.8 W only when opening or closing, not the entire time of sampling.

Flask Sampling Kit (8250-660) Specifications


  • Power Requirements: Input voltage is supplied by the LI-8250 Multiplexer or the 8250-01 Extension Manifold. When a Purge Pump is configured to an Extension Manifold, the Extension Manifold must be connected to a power supply, such as the Indoor Power Supply (8250-772), via the Alternate Power Input. See Table 2 for 8250-660 power requirements.

Table 2. 8250-660 power requirements.

Typical Power Consumption (W)
Instrument Idle Sampling/ Moving Max/ Warm-up
9982-079 Thermistor Input Module (each) 0.12 0.12 N/A
9982-077 Purge Pump (each) 5.8 5.8 7.0
Flask Sampling Kit Total (each) 5.92 5.92 7.12

Note: The power requirements for the 9982-077 Purge Pump are based on the pump being configured to run in the user interface. If the pump is not configured to run, it will use no power.


  • Thermistor Input Module (9982-079)
    • Operating Range: -20 to 70 °C
  • Optional Thermistor Assembly (9982-081)
    • Operating Range: -20 to 70 °C
    • Accuracy: ±0.3 °C from -20 to 70 °C

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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