Weather Monitoring with the TriSonica Mini

To effectively monitor the weather, one needs to know the wind—its speed, direction, intensity, and movement. Anemoment LLC (now part of LI-COR Environmental) developed the TriSonica Mini Wind and Weather Sensor to monitor wind movements in three dimensions using ultrasonic acoustic wave pulses.

Weather researchers immediately embraced the advantages this new product represented over bulky and cumbersome cup-and-vane anemometers. Its size, weight, power requirements, and lack of moving parts make it ideal for a variety of weather monitoring applications, including micrometeorology, atmospheric profiling, boundary layer studies, and methane monitoring, to name a few.

With its small size and practical shape, the TriSonica Mini Wind and Weather Sensor is an ideal anemometer for weather stations, such as the Njord. The Njord is a portable, self-contained weather station that monitors the weather in a specific area. Weather information, which includes numerous meteorological parameters and a live video stream, is distributed in real-time. Originally designed for the Swedish Sea Rescue Society to complement their current weather application, the Njord is purposed to reduce boating incidents caused by harsh weather and insufficient weather information.

Weather data that Njord gathers is distributed through a software application. Users can select the information they want and choose between general information from national weather stations or local real-time weather information from a specific Njord. Portable, flexible, robust, and reliable, the Njord was designed to be easily transported to any location.

The TriSonica Mini Wind and Weather Sensor has proven to be the perfect choice for Njord due its light weight, small size, and useful measurements. The TriSonica Mini can easily be installed on the Njord without any design changes. The advantages of the TriSonica Mini have pushed the development of Njord further, in order to fully utilize the TriSonica Mini’s unique capabilities.

The Njord was designed and built by Max Näsström. To learn more about the Njord or to contact Max directly via LinkedIn, click here.

Sunlight shimmers through thin, high clouds on the distant horizon, past a forest of evergreen trees on an ancient mountain range in Sweden. In the foreground, the Njord portable weather station sits among lichen-covered boulders on its unfolded tripod, with a central mast supporting a TriSonica Mini Wind and Weather Sensor at the top.
Figure 1. The Njord, a portable, self-contained weather station that was originally designed for the Swedish Sea Rescue Society, measures and reports local weather conditions. It uses a TriSonica Mini Wind and Weather Sensor as part of its sensor platform.

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