Networking considerations

If your eddy covariance system is connected to the internet with a satellite or cellular gateway, you can view data from the Data Acquisition System without any special configuration of the DAqM, DRM, or SmartFlux System. If, however, you want to alter the configuration (as in, load a file to the device), you must open ports on the cellular or satellite gateway. This is accomplished by setting Port Forwarding rules of the gateway. Open the following ports to enable remote configuration of the data acquisition system:

  • 50111: Used by the Blueprint Utility to determine if the DAqM connection port has been set on the SmartFlux System and to configure it, if it has not been set up.
  • 50311: Used by the Blueprint Utility to communicate with the DAqM unit via TCP.
  • 50112: Used by the Blueprint Utility to determine if a sonic anemometer is assigned the same port as a DAqM or DRM.

An example of port forwarding rules in an RV-50X is given in Figure D‑1.

Figure D‑1. Ports to open to enable two-way communication with a DRM and DAqM over a cellular or satellite gateway.