Overview of the TDK-Lambda DC-DC Converter

The TDK-Lambda DC-DC Converter regulates output voltage to about 12 VDC, which makes it possible to power devices with a low voltage limit, including some sonic anemometers, data loggers, and peripheral components.

Installing the TDK-Lambda DC-DC Converter

The DC-DC converter mounts to a DIN rain in the lower left of the enclosure. Compress the spring the in the DIN clip and rotate the converter into place.

Connecting the Power Supply

In this application, you'll connect the incoming power to the charge controller Input terminals and connect the regulated power (from the charge controller Output terminals) to the appropriate DIN terminals.

TDK-Lambda Terminal Pin Label Wire DIN Terminal
Input 1 -Vi Black DIN 5
Input 2 +Vi Red DIN 1
Output 3 Com Black DIN 18
Output 4 +V1 Red Breakers (as shown)

Additional Information

You can get full documentation for the TDK-Lambda DC-DC converter from the manufacturer's website: us.tdk-lambda.com/lp/products/dpx-series.htm.