Installing the Biomet System

The enclosure includes mounting hardware that can be used to attach it to a tripod mast or leg.

Enclosure mounting hardware
Figure 1‑4. Attach mounting plates to the enclosure, attach hose clamp mounting brackets to mounting plates, and secure to a mast using band clamps.
Table 1‑2. Mounting kit parts.
Item Qty. Part Number Description
1 4 150-12943 M6x1 × 16 MM Hex Head Bolt
2 4 167-02054 Flat Washer 1/4 x 5/8”
3 2 167-05635 Split Washer 5/16”
4 2 235-13234 Single Bolt Flared Leg Mounting Bracket
5 2 300-13293 Hose Clamp, 9/16”
6 2 9879-044 Mounting Plate
7 2 included w/ item #4 5/16-24 × 1/2” Hex Head Bolt
8 2 included w/ item #4 5/16” Flat Washer

Note: When mounting the enclosure to a tripod, position it low on the tripod to reduce turbulence that may affect eddy covariance flux measurements. A low mounting position also will reduce wind resistance, thereby reducing wind load on the structure.

  • Orient the enclosure vertically, with the openings facing the ground, for the best protection from water ingress.
  • Ground the enclosure. Attach a ground wire between the system ground in the enclosure and a grounded lug on the tripod or a dedicated ground rod.
  • Plug vacant holes with the red enclosure plugs (in place upon shipment, part number 620-12831).
  • Stuff a piece of metallic wool into holes that are used for cable routing.
  • Use zip ties to secure the cables to the strain relief couplings on the enclosure.
Secure cables with zip ties