Installing the Backup Battery

  1. Install the battery.
  2. The battery sits below the datalogger, between two risers. Secure the battery by installing the Sutron 9210B Datalogger on the risers.
  3. Install the Biomet system power wires and terminal strip.
  4. Connect wires into the 5-pin terminal strip as shown. The black wire going to System Power is already connected to DIN terminal 23. The two red wires going to System Power are already connected to the left and right breakers.
  5. Select the remaining wires from the 9579-001 wire list. They go to the Sutron Datalogger: Blue (46 cm, 20 gauge) to terminal B9 (I/O 6); Black (30 cm, 18 gauge) to terminal A21; Red (30 cm, 18 gauge) to terminal A22. Plug the 5-pin terminal strip into the Power Out terminal on the 7900-127 charge controller as shown.
  6. The blue lead signals the Sutron whether power is coming from the main supply or backup battery. Be sure the Sutron ground terminal (wing nut) is connected to the enclosure grounding terminal block.
  7. Note: The DIN rail terminal blocks are not powered when the system runs on backup power.
  8. Connect the battery wire terminal to the 7900-127 charge controller.
  9. Loop the power cable around the right side from underneath the datalogger and plug the 2-pin terminal strip into the Backup Battery terminal on the 7900-127 charge controller.
  10. Install the Power In wires.
  11. Insert a green/yellow lead (20 cm, 18 gauge from the 9579-001 wire list) into the 3-pin terminal strip. Connect the other end of the green/yellow lead to the Biomet enclosure ground lug. The red (+) and black (-) power leads enter the Biomet enclosure from the bottom. Connect these leads to the 3-pin terminal strip and plug the terminal strip into the 7900-127 charge controller.
  12. Install the plate in the enclosure (if applicable) and install the sensor leads.
  13. Install the 7900-127 DC-to-DC converter and charge controller.
  14. Install cable ties to relieve strain from the connectors.