LogRec and Measure Blocks

The LogRec and Measure blocks are required to configure the data file. Sensor configurations are described on the following sections.

  • Log Name: The directory in the datalogger where the log file will be saved.
  • RecordID: This is an identifier used by the datalogger to determine which variables are logged according to the settings specified in these LogRec and Measure blocks. It must be the same as the RecordID set in the LogField for each sensor.
  • Separator: Field separator character that will be used if the data are viewed as they are logged.
  • Skip missing data:, Hanging separator:, Seq 1 time: Uncheck these boxes.
  • Time: An offset that specifies a delay between when the variable is measured and when it is logged.
  • Interval: This sets the time between logged values.