Relating Biomet Sensor Position and Names

With multiple sensors, some of which measure the same variable at a different (or the same) position on a station, it can be difficult to know which sensor provided which data. We have implemented a scheme that you can use to unambiguously relate each sensor to the data it provides. In this section we describe the scheme.

The horizontal position, vertical position, and replicate at a specific position will provide enough information to distinguish all sensors on a meteorological station.

In the datalogger program, you'll find a "block" called ComsTag. This block specifies the units (see ComsTag Unit ID), variable type (see ComsTag DataID), and position information. A ComsTag block for air temperature looks something like TA_2_1_1_1_1.

Standard Label Units Identifier Variable Identifier Horizontal Position Vertical Position Replicate at location

You'll also find a block called LogField. The LogField block for the same variable will be TA_1_1_1.

Standard Label Horizontal Position Vertical Position Replicate at location
Figure 4‑1. LogField block labels for multiple profiles or towers.
Figure 4‑2. LogField block labels for different types of sensors on a single tower.