What's What

Pre-configured Enclosure

Encloseure Part Number 7900‑125

The pre-configured enclosure includes electronic components and mounting for the datalogger and accessories. It can accommodate a 12VDC backup battery (part number 7900-128) and DC-to-DC charge controller (part number 7900-127). See Table 1‑1 for a complete list of parts included in the enclosure.


Sutron 9210B Datalogger

LI-COR Part Number 7900-120

This is a Sutron 9210B Datalogger with accessories.

Software and Manuals CD

Includes XTerm software (required to configure the datalogger) and instruction manual for the datalogger.

Datalogger Cables

The Sutron 9210B includes a 1.8 m (72 in.) male-to-female straight through RS-232 cable that is used to connect the datalogger to a personal computer. It also includes a red 90 cm (36 in.) cross-over Ethernet cable to connect the datalogger to a PC if Ethernet communication is enabled in the datalogger.

10-Channel 16-Bit Analog In/Out (AIO) Module

LI-COR Part Number 7900-124

The AIO module increases the number of data channels. Biomet packages include one or two modules.

Enclosure Accessories Kit

Accessories Kit Part Number 9979-007

The enclosure accessories kit includes the components listed below.

Mounting Brackets

Mounting Bracket Part Number 9979-021

The 33 cm mounting kit is used to mount the enclosure to a tripod or tower.


Elevate the datalogger to provide access to cable terminals. Secures the battery in the enclosure. Risers are installed prior to delivery.

Strain Relief Fittings

Strain Relief Fitting Part Number 6579-040

Three 1.5 inch drilled PVC couplings to relieve strain from the wire connections. Includes 3 couplings and 3 lock-nuts (part number 259-12760).

Cap Plugs

Three large red tapered cap plugs and one small plug (part numbers 620-12831 and 620-16842) are included to cover any un-used openings in the enclosure when it is deployed.

Coarse Wool 3-pack

Coarse metal wool is to cover openings in the enclosure when they accommodate cables. The metallic wool will help keep insects from inhabiting the enclosure and prevent water from splashing into the openings.

Wire Leads

A selection of wire leads is included to complete installation of some sensors. All wires are 18 AWG.

Color Quantity Length Description
Green/Yellow 1 20 cm Sutron Earth Ground
Green/Yellow 1 38 cm LI-COR DC-to-DC Converter Ground
Black 2 18 cm LI-COR DC-to-DC Converter and Battery Ground
Red 1 18 cm LI-COR DC-to-DC Converter to Breaker
Blue 1 46 cm LI-COR DC-to-DC Converter to Sutron Signal
Red 2 11.5 cm Lambda DC-to-DC Converter to Breaker
Black 2 32 cm Sutorn Power and SDI 12
Red 2 32 cm Sutron Power and SDI 12
Blue 1 32 cm SDI 12
Red 1 40.5 cm Main Power Terminal to DC-to-DC Converter
Black 1 40.5 cm Main Power Terminal to DC-to-DC Converter
Blue 1 15 cm Soil Heat Flux Plate Relay to Sutron I/O3

AIO Module Mounting Plate

LI-COR Part Number 9979-052

The mounting plate can accommodate two Sutron AIO modules to expand the channels available to the datalogger. It includes DIN rail mounting hardware that must be assembled. A four-module mounting plate is available as an option (part number 9979-006).

Assembly Hardware

Four #6 Phillips pan-head screws to connect the AIO modules to the AIO mounting plate (part number 122-00009), #8 Phillips pan-head screws (installed; part number 122-00012), and #10 Phillips pan-head screws (installed; part number 122-00072).

Serial Cable

LI-COR Part Number 392-12845

Thirty cm (12 in.) female-to-female straight through RS-232 cable. Connects AIO units to the datalogger.


Zip Ties Part Number 218-00280

UV-resistant zip-ties are used to secure cables to the strain-relief couplings and tripod.

Spares Kit

The spares kit includes extra components that may be easily lost or damaged, including two 28K ohm resistors (part number 473-08139) for the CNR4 net radiometer thermistor (optional) and four 10 ohm resistors (part number 480-12900) for the HFP01SC self-calibrating soil heat flux plates (optional).

Parts List

See Table 1‑1 for part numbers and quantities that are included in the Biomet system. Custom Biomet packages may include different quantities than those given below. Additional and replacement parts can be ordered from LI-COR or your local LI-COR distributor.

Table 1‑1. Typical Biomet system parts list. Many of these parts are pre-installed in the enclosure.
Component Qty. Part Number
Pre-configured Enclosure 1 7900-125
2 Amp Breaker; DIN Mount 2 275-12830
10 Amp Breaker; DIN Mountable 1 275-13499
Relay; DIN Mount 1 290-14669
Red 1-Tier Terminals; DIN Mountable 9 331-12822
Gray 2-Tier Terminal; DIN Mountable 4 331-12885
Blue 2-Tier Terminals; DIN Mountable 4 331-12959
Red 4 mm Terminal; DIN Mountable 3 331-13508
Green 4 mm Terminal; DIN Mountable 1 331-13510
Blue 4 mm Terminal; DIN Mountable 3 331-13511
3-position Shorting Blocks; 4 mm 2 331-16821
DIN Terminal Covers 5 331-12825
DIN End Bracket 4 331-12922
3-position Shorting Block 3 331-12826
DIN Terminal Labels; 1-50 2 331-12922
28K ohm resistor 1 473-08139
10 ohm resistor 3 480-12900
Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts 5 218-03638
Phillips Pan Head Screw (8-32; 3/8") 16 122-00012
Phillips Pan Head Screw (10-32; 3/8") 4 122-00072
Risers to mount the datalogger 2 9879-062
Raised Terminal Block and DIN Mount 1 6579-078
DIN Rail (14 cm) 1 6579-079
Sutron 9210B Datalogger 1 7900-120
Software and Manuals CD 1  
RS-232 Serial Cable 1  
Ethernet Cable 1  
10-channel AIO Module 1 or 2 7900-124
Accessories Kit 1 9979-007
RS-232 Serial Cable 1 392-12845
USB-to-RS-232 Adapter 1 6400-27
PVC Strain Relief Couplings 3 6579-040
Strain Relief Locknuts 3 259-12759
Large Red Tapered Cap Plugs 3 620-12831
Small Red Tapered Cap Plug 1 620-16842
Coarse Wool 3-pack 1 102-12977
Wire Leads Pack 1 9579-001
2 Module AIO Mounting Plate 1 9979-052
Screwdriver 1 611-12864
33 cm Enclosure Mounting Kit 1 9979-021
Nylon Cable Ties (29 cm) 10 218-11027
Nylon Cable Ties (10.5 cm) 10 218-08499

Optional Items

Additional I/O modules are available to expand the number of channels. Long cables are provided with some configurations to support tower installations. These are given below.

Component Part Number
Analog I/O Modules  
6 channel, 22 bit 7900-122
10 channel, 16 bit 7900-124
Backup Battery Kit  
12VDC Lead Acid Backup Battery 7900-128
DC-to-DC Charge Controller 7900-127
Biomet Station Power Cable (5 meter) 392-14582
DIN Rail (18.6 cm) 6579-023
4 Module AIO Mounting Plate 9979-006
TDK-Lambda DC-to-DC Converter 591-15617