RV50X NA, SA, EMEA Model:

4G LTE Frequency Bands: 2100(B1), 1900(B2), 1800(B3), AWS(B4),

850(B5), 2600(B7), 900(B8), 700(B12), 700(B13), 800(B20), 1900(B25),

850(B26), 700(B29), TDD B41

3G HSPA/HSPA+ Frequency Bands: 2100(B1), 1900(B2), 1800(B3), 850(B5), AWS(B4), 900(B8)

Regulary Approvals: FCC, IC, PTCRB, R&TTE, GCF, CE

Carriers: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile USA, Southern Linc, Sprint, US Cellular, Rogers, Telus, Bell

RV50X APAC Model:

4G LTE Frequency Bands: 2100(B1), 1800(B3), 850(B5), 2600(B7), 900(B8), 850(B18), 850(B19), 1500(B21), 700(B28), TDD 38, TDD 39, TDD 40, TDD 41

3G HSPA/HSPA+ Frequency Bands: 2100(B1), 850(B5), 800(B6), 900(B8), 1700(B9), 850(B19)

3G TD-SCDMA Frequency Bands: B39

Regulary Approvals: RCM, JRF/JPA, Anatel

Carriers: Telstra

RV50X General

LTE Category: Cat 6

Peak D/L: Up to 300 Mbps DL

Peak U/L: Up to 50 Mpbs UL

Host Interfaces: 10/100/1000 Ethernet (RJ45), RS-232 serial port (DB-9), USB 2.0 Micro-B Connector, 3 SMA antenna connectors (primary, diversity, GPS), Active GPS antenna support

Input/Output: Configurable I/O pin on power connector, Digital Input ON Voltage: 2.7 to 36 VDC, Configurable Pull-up for dry contact input, Digital Open Collector Output > sinking 500 mA, Analog Input: 0.5-36 VDC

LAN (Ethernet, USB): DNS, DNS Proxy, DHCP Server, IP Passthrough, VLAN, Host Interface Watchdog, PPPoE

Networking and Routing: Network Address Translation (NAT), Port Forwarding, Host Port Routing, NEMO/DMNR, VRRP, Reliable Static Route, Dynamic DNS, Policy Routing, Verizon ANTM, IPv6 Gateway

Security: Remote Authentication (LDAP, RADIUS, TACACS+), DMZ, Inbound and Outbound Port filtering, Inbound and Outbound Trusted IP, MAC Address Filtering, PCI compatible

Dimensions: 119 mm x 34 mm x 85 mm (94 mm including connectors)

Weight: 526 grams


Input Voltage: 7 to 36 VDC

LTE Idle Power: 900 mW (75 mA at 12 VDC)

Standby Mode Power: 53 mW (4.4 mA at 12 VDC) triggered on low voltage, I/O or periodic timer

Low voltage disconnect to prevent battery drain

Configurable features and ports to optimize power consumption


Operating Temperature: -40 °C to +70 °C

Storage Temperature: -40 °C to +85 °C

Humidity: 90% RH at 60 °C

Ingress Protection: IP64 rated

Laird Technologies LTE Direct Mount Omnidirectional Antenna

Dimensions: 248 × 24.5 mm

Weight: 156 grams

Power: 10 watts max.

Operating Temperature Range: -30 °C to +70 °C

Storage Temperature Range: -40 °C to +85 °C

Cable Length: 4.6 m