Change Log

SmartFlux 2 and 3 System firmware v2.4.1 (May, 2024; current version)

  • Added robust XON/XOFF contro" to ensure any XOFF commands that are received by Data Acquisition Module don't disable serial communications.

SmartFlux 2 and 3 System firmware v2.4.0 (January, 2022)

  • Added debug statement to augment_ghg_bundle to indicate which run it is "augmenting".
  • Updated embedded EddyPro engine to 7.0.9.
  • Updated the status server to address logic flaw in erase_onboard_data regarding USB drive. If drive was not initially mounted, the mount point would not be cleaned. Now it will be.
  • Added support for both Metek c-clamp and cage sonics using generic Metek firmware.
  • Addressed inconsistent behavior when USB drive is removed:
    • Will not copy data to /home/licor/data.
    • Will clean up /home/licor/data mountpoint if erase_onboard_data is called.
  • Addressed fault with augment_ghg_bundle when generating summary files on SmartFlux 3 units.
  • Addressed fault with rotate_usb routine when encountering old and new folder structure on the same USB drive.
  • Addressed potential status server stalls by encapsulating all parseInt calls in try / catch blocks.

SmartFlux 2 and 3 System firmware v2.3.0 (May, 2021)

  • Updated the embedded EddyPro engine to 7.0.7.
  • Improved routine to create summary files.
  • Improved routine to store raw data files on the SmartFlux USB drive.
  • Added ability for the Status Server to return the file name if the sonic anemometer data file cannot be converted to an integer value (indicating an error).
  • Added ability to query and report the GPS antenna firmware version.
  • Assorted refinements to improve file handling and internal processes.
  • Added status server database size check.
  • Updated anemometer data aligner to improve data collection.
  • Added a format USB command and erase internal data command to the status server.
  • Rebuilt EddyPro with the Metek sonic offset correction.
  • Restored the archive directory on the USB drive
  • Now includes all subdirectories from the results zip file into the enhanced .ghg bundle.
  • Revised the status server in coordination with an enhancement of win-GHG software to produce a more stable and robust connection between the two
  • Added reboot command to all operations on the diagnostics advanced tab
  • Added summary file generation to augment_ghg_bundle routine. It will create a summary file after each run is processed, overwriting the previous one for the same day until the day rolls over. This should mirror the behavior on the LI-7550. It will only generate the summary files if the host is an SF2. If it is an SF3, the onboard CO2App will generate the summary file.
  • Adjusted the augment_ghg_bundle routine to lookup the current run from the database rather than relying on the file system.

SmartFlux 2 and 3 System v2.2.50 (November, 2020)

  • Added support for system-level diagnostics in the win-GHG software. Interface software version 8.8.36 must be used to view the new diagnostics.

SmartFlux 2 and 3 System v2.2.49 (May, 2020)

  • Updated embedded firmware to support more robust reconnects with LI-7700 and LI-7500DS.
  • Added support for a static IP address on the SmartFlux 2 System. Contact LI-COR support is you need to use this setting.
  • Updated Metek sonic anemometer collector - Doesn't turn off SD Card average and instantaneous logging in Metek anemometers. Leaves all network outputs enabled.
  • Added an NTP server.
  • Corrected communication issues with some CR6 Loggers.
  • Adjusted system_status to return information more quickly; added the NTP server service to the listing for diagnostic purposes.
  • Corrected updater to recognize SmartFlux 2 and 3 Systems that were reported as SmartFlux 1 Systems.

SmartFlux 2 and 3 System v2.2.44 (December, 2019)

  • Corrected issue on gas analyzer software that caused connection to DAqM units to remain in the "waiting" state indefinitely. Connection status will change to "Ready" anywhere between 19 to 120 seconds after a connection, disconnection, and reconnection sequence.
  • Corrected issue on gas analyzer software that caused embedded gas analyzer software disruption in some networks that have IPv6 enabled.
  • Could also manifest in customer sites using IPv6.
  • Added mechanism to automatically reconnect DAqM on detected communication failure.
  • Modified SmartFlux disk cleaner routine to remove 'error' runs first, and then 'done' runs.
  • Add support tools for USB key formatting directly on the SmartFlux 2 and 3 instruments.
  • Adjusted the aligner program to post files to export folder with an analog anemometer selected.
  • Adjusted GHG onboard SmartFlux 3 instrument to use local host addressing when communicating with other on-board processes. Should make connectivity more stable.
  • Added a support routine to attempt an automated sqlite3 repair in the event of a corrupted database. Still needs to be run manually, but the repair process itself is fully automated.
  • Addressed IPv6 bug causing sonic data to not be sent to the gas analyzer Windows application.
  • Improved ability of software applications to distinguish between SmartFlux 1 ,SmartFlux 2/3, Embedded GHG (LI-7550), LI-7700, and LI-8100/A instruments. The app will notify a user if they attempt to load software onto an incompatible instrument.

SmartFlux 2.2.41 (June, 2019)

New features:

  • Added support for LI-COR Biomet Data Acquisition System.
  • Added support for StarDot PhenoCam.
  • Added support for EddyPro version 7.0.0.
  • Added support for local image storage on the system USB drive.
  • Added support for logging ICOS csv file to the USB drive.
  • Added support for new sonic anemometer models.

Bugs fixed:

  • Improved performance of anemometer data collection.
  • Improved performance of file transfer application.
  • Improved network communication performance when PhenoCam and LI-8100A connected.
  • Numerous refinements to improve system stability and performance.

SmartFlux 2.2.16 (May, 2018)

  • Updated for EddyPro to 6.2.2. It will now support RM Young digital sonics.
  • Added sonic collectors for Metek, RM Young, Gill HS-100, and Gill R3-50 sonics.
  • Updated embedded GHG code to prevent data loss from LI-7700 methane analyzers.
  • Added 2-point running average filter for sonic data collected faster than 20 Hz.
  • Improved handling of -9999 data from sonic anemometers.
  • Fixed issue that prevented correct LI-7700 methane analyzer data collection when only some methane values are enabled.
  • Fixed issue where the LI-7700 data collection is enabled even when no LI-7700 is present.
  • Fixed file split issue in gas analyzer software that could occur when the real-time clock jumps.
  • Implemented Dropbox upload protocol for raw data. This supports the latest DropBox API.
  • Fixed issue in node-windmill that caused it to allocate all memory at startup and cause SmartFlux system to fail.
  • Fixed issue in SmartFlux that prevented timers from working when the real-time clock jumps backwards. This issue resulted in data never being posted to the raw data repository and running out of disk space since old files were never cleaned up.

SmartFlux 2.2.9 (November, 2017)

  • Added support for pulling a data table from a CR6 datalogger and posting to FluxSuite.
  • Added ability to store CR6 data in SF2/3 until a connection to FluxSuite is established.
  • Added Lat/Long, Elevation, and timezone offset to CR6 data before posting to FluxSuite.
  • Set SF2/3 time in the past to avoid future clock values that break system timers. This fixes an issue where files sometimes were never cleaned up causing the disk to fill up.
  • Added a live data output from the CR6 and viewable in Finder.
  • Added ability to push timezone information to FluxSuite with CR6 data.
  • SF2/3 sets CR6 clock at midnight every night to match the PTP clock in SF2/3.
  • Quote headers in ICOS CSV files. Output T_SONIC in K. Zero fill CHK values in ICOS CSV files.

SmartFlux 2.2.8 (September, 2017)

  • Update USB flash drive handling to work with GHG system.
  • Updated to EddyPro engine 6.2.1.
  • Added GHG embedded system to work with LI-7500DS. Initial GHG version 8.8.12.
  • Corrected sonic data time alignment with LI-7500DS data since the LI-7500DS has all delays accounted for already.
  • Delay GHG MDNS registration to improve GHG discovery over a network from the GHG Windows application.
  • Fixed Sutron communication that was causing random bogus data values.
  • Updated CSV export code to NOT attach location suffixes to non-biomet variable names.
  • Remove .csv extension before zipping up ICOS CSV files.
  • Set end-of-line to CR-LF for ICOS CSV files.
  • Fix summer/winter chopper temperature setting from GHG Embedded software.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the software from automatically configuring a Gill Sonic Anemometer.

SmartFlux 2.1.4 (August, 2017)

  • Fix Vin battery measurement. It previously wasn't ever updating and would stick at a fixed value.
  • Reduce Internet bandwidth usage when communicating with FluxSuite.
  • Automatically configure CSAT3 for unprompted mode.