The Eddy Covariance Method - Data Processing Software (3 of 5)

This is the third of five educational webinars on the eddy covariance method (also known as the eddy flux method). Following up on the previous two webinars, we will demonstrate EddyPro Express eddy covariance data processing software. EddyPro Express will quickly take you from raw data files to publishable flux results in a just few steps. The demonstration will include:

  • An end-to-end workflow for logging raw data to the LI-7550 and computing flux results with EddyPro Express
  • An explanation of EddyPro Express flux computations and corrections
  • Processing GHG, ASCII, and TOB1 files with EddyPro Express
  • EddyPro results — statistical files and computed fluxes

In this webinar, we will describe how to configure the LI-7550 to log GHG files that include all the raw data and station information required to compute fluxes. Next, we will introduce EddyPro and discuss its origin, creation, and validation. We outline the steps involved in processing ASCII files, TOB1 files, and GHG files using EddyPro Express. Finally, we will describe how EddyPro Express processes data, and describe the output files that EddyPro Express provides.


Israel Begashaw

Gerardo Fratini

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