The Eddy Covariance Method - Data Processing with Advanced Settings (5 of 5)

We invite you to join us for the conclusion of our 5-part series on the eddy covariance method (also known as the eddy flux method). In this webinar we demonstrate EddyPro 3.0 eddy covariance data processing software, including:

  • What's new in EddyPro 3.0
  • Using advanced settings of EddyPro 3.0
  • Where is EddyPro Express? How to use Express in EddyPro 3.0
  • Abate execution time and speed up data processing

EddyPro 3.0 introduces advanced settings that give you the flexibility to choose how to process your eddy covariance data and select methods that are best for your site and research needs. Join us to learn how EddyPro 3.0 will simplify and standardize eddy covariance around a flexible, and easy-to-use software platform.


Dave Johnson

Gerardo Fratini

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