Running EddyPro from command prompt

The EddyPro engine can be run from a command line interface. This section briefly describes the calls.

To run the EddyPro engine, launch a command line interface, enter the directory of the binary, and then enter a command. The available commands are given below.


Executing EddyPro


Help for EddyPro-RP


EddyPro-RP, version 5.1.1, build 2014-06-06, 12:34.

USAGE: eddypro_rp [OPTION [ARG]] [PROJ_FILE]


[-s | --system [win | linux | mac]] Operating system; if not provided assumes "win"

[-m | --mode [embedded | desktop]] Running mode; if not provided assumes "desktop"

[-c | --caller [gui | console]] Caller; if not provided assumes "console"

[-e | --environment [DIRECTORY]] Working directory, to be provided in embedded mode; if not provided assumes

[-h | --help] Display this help and exit

[-v | --version] Output version information and exit

PROJ_FILE Path of project (*.eddypro) file; if not provided, assumes ..\ini\processing.eddypro