SmartFlux Update

Periodically, LI-COR will release updated software for EddyPro, the SmartFlux System, and the LI-7500A/RS/DS or LI-7200/RS. Software updates will include bug fixes, new features, or performance improvements. It is important that you update the software on all of your instruments when new versions are released.

Check the Software Version

The SmartFlux System software version and IP Address are displayed in the Connect window in the gas analyzer software.

Update the Software

You will be notified by email if and when we release a critical software update. To update the software:

  1. On the LI-COR support web site, select your instrument, then select Software. Save the update package to your computer. It is called something like
  2. Unzip the compressed update package and double click the file called update7x00.exe.
  3. The updater will display each SmartFlux System that is on your network.
  4. Select the system you want to update and click Update Firmware.
  5. The updater will load the new system files. This process takes about 30 seconds to a minute to complete. Do not power off the device while it is updating.
  6. After the update is complete, you can verify the software version in the updater or in the gas analyzer software.

Be sure to update all of the instruments in your system.