Manage Alerts for a Station

Note: This feature is available to Station Administrators and General Users who have permission to Manage Alerts.

To configure alerts for a site:

  1. Click Stations.
  2. Click to view information about a station.
  3. FluxSuite will present you with a list of sites that are assigned to your profile. Click a Station Name:
  4. Station list
  5. Click Manage alerts:
  6. Button to view and manage alerts
  7. Click Manage alerts:
  8. Configure thresholds for fluxsuite

Note: You can sort tables on variables by clicking the header, set the table depth, and search the contents of a table.

  1. To edit an Alert, click the edit button (Click to edit an entry), which makes it possible to change the description, alert state, and thresholds.
  2. Thresholds for sensors
  3. Click Save when finished.

Note: Click Button to reset to defaults to restore the default alert settings

Alert Variables

FluxSuite is initialized with 34 alert variables. These are preconfigured and will be present for each station once it begins to push processed data to FluxSuite, however, only 5 of these alerts will be enabled by default. New alert variables can be added to FluxSuite. The alerts will need to be enabled and thresholds set for these new variables. The following alert variables are available for the SmartFlux System.

Table 3‑2. Alert variables available for the SmartFlux System. Alert thresholds are user-settable.
Group   Variable Name   Display Units Alert Ranges Active by default? Name in Full Output File Name in Biomet Output File Alert Indicator
Minimum Maximum LI-7500RS LI-7700 Anemometer SmartFlux Biomet

Fluxes and

Momentum flux kg m-1 s-2 0 5 N Tau       o x  
Sensible heat flux W m-2 -200 1000 Y H       o x  
Latent heat flux W m-2 -200 1000 Y LE   o   o x  
Carbon dioxide flux µmol m-2 s-1 -60 30 Y co2_flux   o   o x  
Water vapor flux mmol m-2 s-1 -2 20 Y h2o_flux   o   o x  
Methane flux µmol m-2 s-1 -10 25 N ch4_flux     o o x  
Densities, and
Time Lags
Carbon dioxide density mmol m-3 13 40 N co2_molar_density            
Carbon dioxide mole fraction µmol mol-1 300 800 N co2_mole_fraction            
Carbon dioxide mixing ratio µmol mol-1 350 1000 Y co2_mixing_ratio            
Water vapor density mmol m-3 0 1500 N h2o_molar_density   x        
Water vapor mole fraction mmol mol-1 0 50 Y h2o_mole_fraction            
Water vapor mixing ratio mmol mol-1 0 50 N h2o_mixing_ratio   x        
Methane density mmol m-3 0.05 1 N ch4_molar_density            
Methane mole fraction µmol mol-1 1 20 N ch4_mole_fraction     x      
Methane mixing ratio µmol mol-1 1 20 N ch4_mixing_ratio            
Sonic temperature C (require conversion) 220 320 N sonic_temperature            
Ambient air temperature C (require conversion) 220 320 Y air_temperature       x   xx
Ambient air pressure kPa (require conversion) 60 105 Y air_pressure            
Evapotranspiration mm hour-1 -0.5 5 Y ET   o   o x  
Ambient air relative humidity % 0 100 Y RH   x       xx
Wind speed m s-1 0 50 Y wind_speed       x    
Wind direction Degrees from North 0 360 Y wind_dir       x    
Turbulence Friction velocity m s-1 0 2 N u*       o    
Dynamic stability parameter Dimensionless -10 2 N (z-d)/L       o    
Net Radiation W m-2 -200 1000 Y   Rn_1_1_1          
Relative humidity % 0 100 Y   RH_1_1_1          
Ambient air temperature C (require conversion) 220 320 Y   Ta_1_1_1         x
Canopy temperature C (require conversion) 220 320 Y   Tc_1_1_1       x x
PAR µmol m-2 s-1 0 2400 Y   PPFD_1_1_1       x x
Total precipitation mm hr-1 (require conversion) 0 50 Y   P_1_1_1         x
Soil water content %VWC (require conversion) 0 1 Y   SWC_1_1_1         x
Soil heat flux W m-2 -300 300 Y   SHF_1_1_1         x

x: An outranged variable raises an alert for this instrument

o: An outranged variable may indicate a problem with this instrument

xx: An outranged variable raises an alert for this instrument (overrides 'x')

LI-7500RS and LI-7200RS Alerts

The following alert variables are available for the gas analyzer.

Table 3‑3. Alert variables available for the gas analyzer.
Gas Analyzer Alerts Description
Average Signal Strength Sc from the LI-7500A/RS or LI-7200/RS.
Chopper Temp Error occurs if the chopper motor temperature is out of range.
Detector Temp Error occurs if the detector cooler is not maintaining temperature.
PLL Phase Look Loop offset, error indicates an optical filter error.
USB Free Space Space available on the USB drive. This warning indicates when you should move raw files from the USB drive to permanent storage and free space on the USB drive.

PhenoCam Alerts

The PhenoCam will automatically post images to FluxSuite as scheduled. When it is configured and initially connected to FluxSuite, the PhenoCam icon will be displayed in the Dashboard.

  • If no image is posted within 12 hours after the PhenoCam is initially connected to FluxSuite, FluxSuite will issue a PhenoCam warning.
  • If no image is posted within 24 hours after the PhenoCam is initially connected to FluxSuite, FluxSuite will issue a PhenoCam error.
  • If the PhenoCam posts an image, any warnings and errors are dismissed.
  • If, after having posted an image, the PhenoCam does not post an image for 24 hours, a warning is triggered.

LI-8100A Alerts

The following variables are available for LI-8100A alerts. Alerts are given for each chamber in the system. Alert thresholds are user-set. You specify the expected range for each variable.

  • When initially connected, the LI-8100A icon will be visible in FluxSuite.
  • If no LI-8100A data is provided within 2 hours of the initial connection, an error is triggered.
  • When LI-8100A data is successfully posted to FluxSuite, alerts for variables will be given in the alerts table.
  • If some data columns are not pushed to FluxSuite, those alerts will become deletable (gray with a red X).
  • If all of the alerts become deletable, this indicates a communication issue. The LI-8100A icon will indicate an error.
  • After setting thresholds for variables, a warning is triggered when one or more measurements (<50% of measurements) are outside of the threshold range.
  • An error is triggered when more than half of the variables for the LI-8100A system are outside of the threshold range, having triggered a warning.

Important: In order to receive email notifications and alerts for the LI-8100A system, thresholds must be set for each variable.

LI-8100A System Alert Variables Shorthand Units
CO2 Mixing Ratio CHMB_CO2_mixing_ratio_1_1_11 ppm
CO2 Flux CHMB_FC_1_1_1 µmol m-2 s-1
H2O Concentration CHMB_H2O_1_1_1 ppt (parts per thousand)
Air Pressure CHMB_PA_1_1_1 kPa
Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density CHMB_PPFD_1_1_1 µmol m-2 s-1
Soil Water Content CHMB_SWC_1_1_1 m3 m-3
Air Temperature CHMB_TA_1_1_1 °C
Soil Temperature CHMB_TS_1_1_1 °C