Viewing Data in the Dashboard

Note: This feature is available to General Users, Station Administrators, and User Administrators.

To view data for a site, select the site from the Map or Stations view. This will bring up the station dashboard.

Note: Click and drag to zoom in on a graph.

Click and drag to zoom inClick to reset to the default zoom

Click the Detail view to the upper right of the graphs.

Current data will be displayed:


You can select variables from the Field menu:

Ambient air pressure
Ambient air temperature1
Canopy temperature1
Carbon dioxide density
Carbon dioxide flux
Carbon dioxide mixing ratio
Carbon dioxide mole fraction
Dynamic stability parameter
Friction velocity
Latent heat flux
Methane density
Methane flux
Methane mixing ratio
Methane mole fraction
Momentum flux
Net radiation
Relative humidity1
Sensible heat flux
Soil heat flux1
Soil water content1
Sonic temperature
Total precipitation
Water vapor density
Water vapor flux
Water vapor mixing ratio
Water vapor mole fraction
Wind direction
Wind speed

Start/End Dates

You can specify a date range with the Start/End Dates.

The Quality Assurance/Quality Control check box (A software interface checkbox with the letters QA/QC) converts the graphs to display the quality flag of each record when checked. When viewing QC/QA mode, you can turn on or off the QC levels by clicking the record.

QC=0 indicates OK status.

QC=1 indicates note. You should consider checking these data for problems.

QC=2 indicates a warning. These data should reviewed and discarded if they are problematic.

1 _#_#_# nomenclature indicates that more than one sensor is providing this measurement. See Biomet Data in EddyPro documentation for more information.