Data Analysis with FV2200

FV2200 allows easy manipulation of LAI-2200C and LAI‑2000 data files (hereafter referred to as LAI files). These files can be read from disk, or imported from either console type (LAI-2200C or LAI‑2000). LAI files can be manipulated in any way that they can on the control unit (console), and in many other ways besides. FV2200 also supports mapping for files containing GPS records.

Getting FV2200

FV2200 is available for Windows®, Mac OSX®, and Linux. Download to your computer using the following link:

Software Updates

Once FV2200 is installed, each time it is run it checks a LI-COR server for any LAI-2200C related updates since the last time it ran. If there are changes, a “Latest News” file is displayed, which will display any software updates to LAI-2200C console software, wand software, or FV2200, and provides links to the new versions. Also, once FV2200 is running, you can get this information manually in either of two ways from the Help menu. Also under the Help menu is a guide to using FV2200.

Main Window

When the FV2200 software is launched the main window will open. From this window, you can import LAI files or open LAI files from a disk. Three tool bars are visible in the Main Window: File, Display, and Edit. Toolbars can be hidden, moved around or detached by clicking and dragging the toolbar drag handle. Hide and show toolbars using the View menu or by right-clicking on the menu bar. To resize buttons in the toolbars or change display defaults, select File > Preferences (or FV2200 > Preferences on Mac). Choose between small icons (no boxes checked), large icons, or icons with labels (small or large).