Replacing the Internal Battery

The following steps describe how to replace the internal lithium battery. The battery should last up to 7 years. Always use a BR1225 watch battery (part number 442-08614).

  1. Using a #1 cross-head (Phillips) screwdriver, loosen the four screws that secure the top and bottom of the control unit. The four screws are located in the corners of the back of the control unit, under the gray protective rubber. Nudge the rubber out of the way of the screws.
  2. Gently separate the two halves.
  3. The battery is in a round coin-cell battery holder. Lift the silver tab slightly and slide the battery out. It may be necessary to lift the battery slightly with the blade of a standard screwdriver.
  4. Slide the new battery into the holder with the positive (+) terminal facing up.
  5. Join the top and bottom halves of the control unit. Be sure the rubber seal is seated properly.
  6. Gently tighten the four screws that hold the two halves of the case together. Be very careful not to over tighten the screws, as they may strip the plastic. If a torque screwdriver is available, torque the screws to 4 in.-lbs.