LAI‑2270C Control Unit

Sensor Inputs: 2 bulkhead connectors (6-pin) for LAI‑2250 Optical Sensors. 2 BNC bulkhead connectors for LI-COR Quantum Sensors.

Data Storage Capacity: 128 MB of FAT16 memory.

Keypad: 22 button tactile response keypad. 10 key numeric keypad with full alphabetic capabilities with 9 function/control keys.

Display: 128x64 graphics LCD display.

Communications: USB (as mass storage device)

Global Positioning System (GPS RADIONOVA® RF Antenna Module): Horizontal position accuracy: 2.5 m CEP (50% Circular Error Probability, Open-Sky, 24hr Static, good view of the sky). Maximum position update rate: 1 Hz. GPS receiver sensitivity, autonomous acquisition: -148dBm. Time to first fix (TTFF), hot start: 1 second. TTFF, warm start: 6s (typical). TTFF, cold start (with good view of the sky): 37 seconds at 90% probability.

Clock: Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Second. Accuracy of ±3 minutes per month.

Power Requirements: 4 “AA” batteries (alkaline, NiMH, or lithium).

Battery Life: 90 hours with 4 “AA” alkaline batteries without optical sensor attached and without GPS enabled. 60 hours with 4 “AA” alkaline batteries with one optical sensor attached and without GPS enabled. 40 hours with 4 "AA" alkaline batteries without optical sensor attached and with GPS enabled.

Low Battery Warning: Display indicates when battery power is <15%.

Size: 20.9 x 9.8 x 3.5 cm (8.2” x 3.9” x 1.4”).

Weight: 0.454 kg (1.0 lb) with batteries.

LAI‑2250 Optical Sensor

Sensor Inputs: 1 6-pin bulkhead connector for control unit interface.

Memory: 1 MB flash memory for record storage; 1KB EEPROM for calibration and configuration storage.

Keypad: 2 button, tactile response keypad.

Clock: Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Second. ± 3 minutes per month. Can be synced with control unit clock when joined with a data cable.

Power Requirements: 2 “AA” batteries (alkaline, NiMH, lithium).

Battery Life: 180 hours of typical operation (with 2 alkaline batteries).

Optics: 1.00° maximum decentering error as measured from center of mass of ring. 0.50° maximum magnification error as measured from the center of mass of ring 4.

Wavelength Range: ≈320-490 nm

Nominal Angular Coverage:

Ring1: 0.0-12.3°

Ring 2: 16.7-28.6°

Ring 3: 32.4-43.4°

Ring 4: 47.3-58.1°

Ring 5: 62.3-74.1°

Lens Coating: MgF2 for improved transmission at oblique angles (external and internal lenses).

View Caps: Provide azimuthal masking of view into quadrants of 0°, 10°, 45°, 90°, 180°, and 270°.

Diffuser Cap: Used to cover the lens when measuring sky radiation properties for scattering corrections.

Size: 63.8 L x 2.9 W x 2.9 D cm (25.1” x 1.125” x 1.125”) (Endcap: 4.4 W x 5.1 D cm; 1.75” x 2.0”).

Drilled Cap: Used to measure leaf optical properties.

Weight: 0.845 kg (1.86 lbs) with batteries.

LAI-2200C General

Operating Temperature Range: -20 to 50° C (-4 to 122° F).

Humidity Range: 0 to 95% RH, non-condensing conditions.

Storage Temperature Range: -40 to 65° C (-40 to 149° F).