The Power of FV2200

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Leaf Area Index (LAI) measurements, such as those taken by the LAI-2000 or the LAI-2200/C, can be used to determine treatment effects, crop progression, and seasonal variation, to name a few parameters.

The process of obtaining LAI measurements can be very simple. To generate a value for LAI, take a series of Above and Below canopy readings, repeating as many times as needed to develop statistical robustness. The process of interpreting them, however, can be more complex.

FV2200 has many useful tools that can help you understand and modify your LAI measurements. FV2200 can be used with data collected from the LAI-2000, LAI-2200, and LAI-2220C, and we encourage using FV2200 even with LAI-2000 data because of its expanded software features and updated LAI computation models.

First, you can combine and split files, which may be most useful if you have obtained A and B readings on separate wands or with separate instruments. To combine or split files, use the Combine or Expand features in FV-2200. You can also Import A or B readings from one file to another.

Second, you can recompute files, which is most often used if the view cap or LAI computation model needs to be changed. Rings can also be masked in the recomputation option. Masking rings should be used sparingly, but may be useful if, for example, ring 5 is outside of the canopy view. This condition could be determined by carefully examining the raw ring values and noting that the values for ring 5 are significantly different from the values for rings 1 through 4. If you are unsure whether a ring should be removed, it is best not to remove it. Removing rings decreases the amount of data used to generate the LAI value.

Third, you can create K records and perform the scattering corrections to determine how LAI is affected by solar scattering. For more information about K records and their use in LAI measurements, see this light scattering corrections page.

FV2200’s software tools, used together, can help ensure that the collected LAI data is correctly processed and interpreted. If you have any questions about using FV2200, download its online guide or contact our support team.