Change log

All notable changes are described here. Firmware is available from the LI-180 software web page.

PC Software version 1.5.1

Bugs fixed: Corrected an error in data plotting on the bar chart shown in exported PDF reports. The bug had no affect on data.

Firmware version 1.5.0

New features:

  • Customizable wavebands. You can set your own waveband parameters by setting cutoff points.
  • Customizable ratios. You can compute ratios on any wavebands, including customized wavebands.
  • Added standard ratios:
    • R:G (previously available)
    • B:G (previously available)
    • R:B
    • B:G:R
    • UV Range (less than 400):B
    • B:R:FR
    • UV Range (less than 400):FR
    • UV Range (less than 400):B:G:R:FR
  • Added reference specrtra:
    • Chlorophyll a (previously available)
    • Chlorophyll b (previously available)
    • Beta Carotene (previously available)
    • Zeaxanthin
    • Anthocyanin
    • Phytochrome Pr
    • Phytochrome Pfr
    • Cryptochrome
    • LOV
    • Phycoerythrin
  • RH range verified to 95% RH (non-condensing)
  • Updated Wi-Fi firmware

Firmware version 1.1.0B7

Bug fixes:

  • Corrected a small summation error in calculations of PPFD and PFD.

New features:

  • Added ability to use custom file names.