2222UWB Underwater Cable

This 2-wire shielded cable is used with underwater sensors and has a waterproof connector on the sensor end. The other end of the cable is fitted with a BNC connector for attaching the cable directly to the readout instrument for type “SA” sensors. Standard cable lengths are 3, 10, 30, 50 and 100 meters.

2009S Lowering Frame

The 2009S provides for the placement of two LI-192SA Underwater Quantum sensors, one each for downwelling or upwelling radiation, or a single LI-193SA Spherical Quantum Sensor. The 2009S provides stability for proper orientation of the sensor(s), minimizes shading effects, and features a lower mounting ring for attaching a stabilizing weight, if necessary.

100L Lubricant

A lubricant that is used to displace water from connectors. A silicone lubricant (Dow Corning 111) is also available from LI-COR (p/n 210-01958-1) that provides lubrication between the sensor and the underwater cable.

Millivolt Adapters

Used for connecting sensors to other manufacturer’s datalogger or strip-chart recorder.

2291 Millivolt Adapter

For the LI-192SA Underwater Quantum Sensor or LI-193SA Spherical Quantum Sensor (1210 Ohm resistance).