Cleaning and maintenance

DO NOT use alcohol, organic solvents, abrasives, or strong detergents to clean the diffuser element on LI-COR light sensors.

The acrylic material used in LI-COR light sensors can be crazed by exposure to alcohol or organic solvents, which will adversely affect the cosine response of the sensor.

Clean the sensor only with water and/or a mild detergent such as dish-washing soap. LI-COR has found that vinegar can also be used to remove hard water deposits from the diffuser element, if necessary.

Keep the sensors clean and treat them as a scientific instrument in order to maintain the accuracy of the calibration. The vertical edge of the LI-192 diffuser must be kept clean in order to maintain appropriate cosine correction.

Note: The LI-192 and LI-193 sensors are not designed for continuous, long-term deployment. Sensor output degradation due to the effects of internal humidity will occur over time during long-term deployment.

Other factors such as mineral content, salinity, turbidity, and those factors that may promote algae growth, can affect the function of the light collecting diffuser and degrade performance.