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Other reports

LI-COR has a number of publications that contain more detail about radiation measurement, including factory calibration procedures, terminology, measurement errors, units conversions, and radiation theory. These publications are available on request from LI-COR; many of them can also be downloaded from LI-COR’s web site at

8 Principles of Radiation Measurement – a report on terminology, measurement errors, conversion between radiometric and photometric units, units and conversions used for quantum, photometric, and radiometric data, and condensed LI-COR calibration procedures.
9 Radiation Measurements and Instrumentation – a more detailed discussion of radiation theory, terminology, radiation measurement, and colorimetry.
10 Calibration Procedures for LI-COR Spectroradiometers, Radiation Sensors, and Lamps.
11 Immersion Effect and Cosine Collecting Properties of LI-COR Underwater Sensors.