Replacing the LI-3000C Battery

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Replacement batteries are fully charged when shipped from LI-COR. After this battery replacement procedure is completed, the LI-3000C is ready for normal use. The LI-3000C uses a sealed lead-acid battery that should be recycled or disposed of properly.

Tools Required: Phillips head screwdriver, small wrench or nutdriver

Time Required: About 15 minutes

Follow these steps to replace the rechargeable battery pack in the LI-3000C:

  1. Remove the four screws on each side of the LI-3000C top panel/keypad.
  2. Carefully lift the top panel away from the enclosure; be cautious of the ribbon cable that is connected to the main PC board.
  3. Lift the retainer clip on the ribbon cable connector, and pull the ribbon cable up and out of the connector.
  4. Set the top panel/keypad assembly aside.
  5. Remove the four screws indicated below from the bottom of the instrument enclosure.
  6. Remove the two screw locks from the RS-232 connector using a nutdriver or small wrench.
  7. Carefully lift the PC board out of the enclosure and unplug the battery connector.
  8. Remove the two screws shown below that secure the battery bracket, and remove the battery assembly from the enclosure.
  9. Install the new battery assembly in the enclosure using the two screws removed in Step 7 and plug in the battery connector.
  10. Carefully position the PC board in the enclosure and loosely install the four screws on the bottom of the enclosure.
  11. Loosely install the two screw locks on the RS-232 connector. After all of the screws are started, tighten the four screws on the bottom of the enclosure and the two screws on the RS-232 connector.
  12. Check the ribbon cable connector and make sure the retainer clip is in the “up” position.
  13. Carefully insert the ribbon cable into the connector, making sure it is fully seated in the connector, and then press the retaining clip down to secure the ribbon cable.
  14. Position the front panel, and fasten with the four screws removed in Step 1.
  15. Set the Date and Time in the instrument as follows:
    1. Turn the instrument ON, and press the MENU key.
    2. Press ↑ or ↓ to scroll to the Set Clock function. Press ENTER.
    3. The date as currently set is displayed on the top (X) line.
    4. Use the numeric keys to enter the current date. Press ← to erase an incorrect character. Press ENTER when finished.
    5. The display will then show the time on the top (X) line, such as:
    6. Time is displayed on a 24 hour clock (e.g. 14:32:10 = 2:32:10 p.m.). Use the numeric keys to enter the current time. Press ← to erase an incorrect character.
    7. Press ENTER when finished; the display returns to the Set Clock function.
    8. Press ENTER to confirm that the new date is displayed; press ENTER again to confirm that the new time is displayed; press the AREA key to exit the MENU functions.