The LI-600N

The LI-600N Porometer/Fluorometer is a lightweight handheld instrument that takes combined stomatal conductance and Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) chlorophyll a fluorescence measurements of a needle or leaf in seconds. It delivers precise, high-throughput stress evaluations over the same needle or leaf area and can quickly survey many conifer needles, narrow leaves, and grass blades under ambient conditions.

The LI-600N has a GPS receiver that records the latitude, longitude, and altitude for each measurement, allowing users to track, return to, and map locations. The LI-600N includes a magnetometer/accelerometer that measures the pitch, roll and heading of a needle/leaf.

The LI-600N computer software is available for both Windows® and macOS®. It is used to create and upload configurations to the instrument, download data from the instrument, record live data, and create barcodes. The software is available for download at:


The LI-600N components are as shown below.

Figure 1‑1. LI-600N Components.
  1. Chamber. Surrounds the needle/leaf gasket, the site of the active measurement.
  2. Clamp. Closes onto the needle/leaf.
  3. Fluorometer. Takes PAM chlorophyll a fluorescence measurements.
  4. Quantum sensor. Measures ambient light level.
  5. Accelerometer / Magnetometer (internal). Measures pitch, roll, and heading.
  6. Display. Shows measurement workflow, instrument settings, and variables data.
  7. Navigation arrows. Moves up, down, right, and left through options and screens.
  8. Enter button. Powers on the instrument, logs measurements, and selects options.
  9. Handle. Encloses the rechargeable battery.
  10. Micro-USB port. Connects the instrument to the computer or universal charging adapter via micro-USB cable.
  11. Barcode scanner. Scans barcodes.
  12. Tripod mount. (1/4-20 UNC) Attaches to a tripod.
  13. Porometer. Takes stomatal conductance measurements.

Parts and accessories kit

The LI-600N comes with a kit that includes the following accessories and replacement parts. Additional parts and accessories can be purchased separately (see Support).

Table 1‑1. LI-600N Parts and Accessories.
Description Quantity Part Number
Face seal O-rings 2 192-17935
8 mm O-rings 2 192-20197
6 mm O-rings 2 192-12028
M2 Socket head screws 6 151-16540
Tweezers 1 611-20606
Hex key 1 611-15953
Filters 2 301-19838
Foam swabs 6 610-16093
Aperture gasket 1 6360-369
Clip gaskets 1 6360-368
Microfiber cloth 1 229-16069
Radial seal O-rings 4 192-18368
Spare screws 20 150-14386
Zero adapter assembly 1 9960-327
Scrub tube zero kit 1 9968-258
Charging adapter 1 591-19074
Charger prong kit 1 591-19075
USB cable 1 392-19077
Wrist strap 1 610-19076


The user manual, instructional videos, technical documents, webinars, FAQs, and other resources are available online at This manual can be downloaded as a PDF.

To contact LI-COR environmental support, go to .