Realize the Full Potential of Your LI-6400XT

This document describes relevant new features that were added to the LI-6400/XT OPEN software versions 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Feature What it brings LI-6400 Model LI-6400/XT1 Model
OPEN 3 Software OPEN 4 Software OPEN 5 Software OPEN 6 Software
CO2 Injector Adds the capability to control CO2 concentrations in the leaf chamber, bringing more precise measurements.
LED Light Source This accessory makes it possible to measure photosynthetic response under controlled red and blue light levels.
Soil Gas Flux Chamber Expands the capabilities of the instrument to make measurements of CO2 flux from soil.
AC Power Supply Simplifies long-term laboratory and greenhouse measurements by eliminating the need for batteries.
Insect Respiration Chamber This enclosure holds a small insect to measure its respiration, bringing an entirely new function to the instrument.
Extended Temperature Control Kit Increases the range of chamber air temperatures attainable by the system.
Custom Chamber Interface Enables researchers to connect custom chambers, opening a vast new range of sampling possibilities.
Clear Conifer Chamber For measuring gas exchange from shoots and small branches of coniferous plants.
Narrow Leaf Chamber Ideal chamber shape for grasses and other monocots to optimize measurements.
Trace Gas Sampling Kit Brings the capability to collect gas samples directly from the leaf chamber, for measurements of other gas species with an external gas analyzer.
Leaf Chamber Fluorometer Enables measurement of chlorophyll fluorescence and gas exchange simultaneously over the same leaf area.  
Low O2 Measurements Low O2 concentrations suppress photorespiration, providing a method for studying photosynthetic efficiency in C3 plants.  
User-Definable Stability Criteria Brings the capability to to monitor variance and rate of change for almost any parameter measured by the instrument.    
Multiphase Flash™ Fluorescence The protocol for measuring maximum fluorescence yield (Fm’) provides more accurate measurements than other methods.    
Network Connectivity Brings the capability to share the instrument screen and control the LI-6400/XT with almost any computer on the Internet.    
Advanced Graphing Improvements in graphing enable you to configure more graphs, zoom in and out, and store 10 minutes or more of graphing data.    
Ci Control Makes it possible to maintain intercellular CO2 concentrations when changing other parameters.      
Two-Factor Response Curves Creates automatically-run programs that measure the photosynthetic response to two changing variables.      
Low CO2 Control Modification Brings new capabilities to study the differences between C3 and C4 plant biochemistry with support for measurements at low CO2 concentrations.      
Microsoft® Excel® Files with Equations The ability to create files with equations saves time when you need to modify or recompute a dataset.      
iPhone® and iPad® Apps Enables control of the LI-6400/XT from your mobile iOS device.      
RGB Light Source Brings control over red, green, and blue light in the leaf chamber. Its compatibility with the Whole-Plant Arabidopsis Chamber, Opaque Conifer Chamber, and Bryophyte Chamber bring numerous novel capabilities.      
Bryophyte and Opaque Conifer Chambers These chambers enable measurements of respiration from mosses, lichens, and small conifer branches under controlled lighting from the RGB Light Source.      
Whole-Plant Arabidopsis Chamber Enables whole-plant photosynthesis measurements of Arabidopsis and other small plants.      

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