Fluorescence AutoPrograms

Flr Actions Node

The Flr Actions node is included in the setup of the following AutoPrograms when OPEN is configured for the LCF: A-CiCurve2, AutoLog2, CO2Curve_MultipleLight, LightCurve2, LightCurve_MultipleCO2. Flr Action’s nodes are described in Table 27‑12.

Table 27‑12. Standard Fluorescence Prompts for AutoPrograms.
  Prompt Discussion
Dark adapt before starting (yes/no) If Y, program will wait, measure Fo and Fm, set the actinic light, and wait again for light adaptation. If N, this is skipped.
If dark adapt = yes Dark time before Fo (min): Wait time before setting Fo and applying a saturating pulse to measure Fm.
Light time after Fo (min): Acclimation time after actinic is turned on.
Measure dark photo at Fo (yes/no) If Y, then right before Fo is set, the value of Photo is used to set Adark.
If measure dark photo= no Dark photo rate: Dark photosynthesis Adark (μmol m-2 s-1)
Enable Flr Recording before Fo (Y/N) “Y” will turn Flr Recording on just before the Fo measurement.
If dark adapt = no Fo value: The value for Fo
Fm value: The value for Fm
Dark photo rate: The value (μmol m-2 s-1) to be used for dark photosynthesis.
If Flr Recording is Off Turn on Flr Recording (yes/no)  
Flr recording Off Always    
On Always Starts after dark adapt, stays on at end of program
On at start; Off at end Starts after dark adapt, turns off at end of program
Save each flash (yes/no)?  
Save each dark pulse (Y=yes/no)?  

Flr Loop2

FlrLoop2 is a simple program designed to do repetitive fluorescence measurements. The setup dialog is shown in Figure 27‑58.

Figure 27‑58. FlrLoop2 Setup Dialog.

There are three settings specific to this program:

  1. How many events?
  2. This determines how many times you loop through the program.
  3. Time between events (secs)
  4. This determines how long the program waits each time before doing its action.
  5. Action
  6. Editing this node toggles through the following four choices:
    1. Fo’ - a dark pulse
    2. Fo Fm - (assumes light off) assign Fo, then does a flash
    3. Fs Fm’ - assigns Fs, then does a flash
    4. Fs Fm’ Fo’ - assigns Fs, then does a flash, followed by a dark pulse