Log Switch Replacement

Printable PDF: 6400-904 Log Switch replacement instructions

Instructions for replacing the log switch on the LI-6400/XT sensor head handle.

The 6400-904 Log Switch Replacement Kit is used to replace the log button on the LI-6400 or LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System sensor head due to switch failure or physical breakage of the switch. The kit contains a switch with attached connector and a switch button cap. Follow these steps to replace the log switch:

  1. Break off the plastic switch button from the top of the log switch.
  2. Remove the nut holding the switch in place on the switch mounting bracket. Do not remove the mounting bracket. Remove the wire and unplug the connector.
  3. Place the new switch into the mounting bracket and fasten with the nut. Route the new wires and plug in the log switch connector.
  4. Glue the new switch button cap onto the shaft of the log switch with a glue that is suitable for plastic.