We have found that exposure to UV radiation can sometimes cause shrinkage in the cable insulation. This manifests itself in a tendency for a cable to develop coils, and/or to pull away from the back of the connector. If you detect this happening, contact LI-COR.

Note: In the Spring of 2000 we changed to a different type of cable that should be immune to this type of problem. The new cables are black, and the older cables are gray.

Replacing Connector Screws

Three of the connectors in the LI-6400’s cable assembly have screws to hold them in place. Do not overtighten these screws, or they will break. If they do break, they are easily replaced in the connector shroud (Figure 19‑16); the end that breaks off in the mating connector may be difficult to remove.

Figure 19‑16. A connector screw can be removed by firmly pulling it straight out. It is held in place by friction.