Shipping the LI-6400

If you need to transport the LI-6400 in its shipping case, we recommend that you observe the following tips:

  • Tie the chamber handle closed.
  • Close the leaf chamber and use a piece of tape or a cable tie to prevent the spring-loaded handle from opening. Failure to do so can result in bending or breaking the chamber catch rod (Figure 19-18 on page 19-21) inside the handle. This is especially true when an LED light source is attached to the chamber. Be sure to set the latch adjustment knob so the foam gaskets are not compressed.
  • Console in the case
  • The console goes into the case so that a) the display is up facing the handle side of the case, and b) the console handle is on the fat side of the case. This helps in closing the lid, and puts the console in the most protected orientation. If shipping to LI-COR for repair or recalibration
  • Call for an RMA
  • (That is Returned Material Authorization.)
  • Be sure to include…
  • …the console, with chemical tubes attached, the CO2 source assembly for the mixer (if you have one), the chamber/IRGA, and the cable assembly. Also include all items that will need a light calibration (LED light source, chamber top(s), and external quantum sensor).
  • Don’t bother sending…
  • …anything else (batteries, communication cables, charger, or extra chambers), unless you specifically want us to examine them.
  • Back up your data
  • We do not routinely save a copy of the /user disk before we start working on the instrument, nor do we delete files from a customer’s /user disk. But if you send us a console with priceless data stored on it and nowhere else, then you may be in for some abnormally bad luck. So please, send us only files you can afford to lose.